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Best free SEO tool for images PNG Out win

In the market of Internet there are a lot of best and free SEO tools are available. Which are easy to use in order to good ranking for your site? But let me telling you all the software are not affordable for websites owners like me. These tools are very costly and as a beginner we are unable to purchasing such type of services. Search engine optimization is not a one night plain its implementations are long term then you get vital results. As a blogger we need to optimise each and every corner of our blog manually. While on the hand if you are using WordPress platform then you able to employ some sort of Plug-in easily they may help you as compare to Here I feel mention some popular and effective WordPress best SEO tools before going into the main topic of good SEO image PNG Out win software. So All in SEO Pack, WordPress SEO byYoast, and SEO Secorrer are that affordable services which are handy to use. Now let’s dive.

Png out win tool for good image seo

Why is need to use images:

Well. The use of proper SEO friendly images is a way to gaining attention of readers as compare to empty text with out pictures. Use of perfect good pictures in your blogger post is a technique that gives results on social media Like Facebook and Google Plus. You may wonder that how is it possible that an exact picture is useful for social media. Then be patience I am telling you. Best pictures snatch the concentration so as a result user show interest to see it with click. At the end ho jump out to your website. So finally you get traffic for your site in free.

PNG OUT WIN SEO friendly images tool:

Now come to the point. Before using imagery you confirm copyrights and itsrestrictions. If you are not familiar with copyrights then have a look here Like Creative Common and free license installation guide. Png out win is best tool that you may use for optimizing your pictures as well as website. This software very easy to use plus optimise the images in seconds. Let’s take a look its features. How this tool is affordable.

Pagespeed effect:

If we use images with out applying good seo techniques then these things create problem for your site.
It is recommended that use .png images in your website and in post. This .png format reduces the file size as compare to in Jpeg format. When site loads png take less time as compare to JPEG format. You need to save your bytes at any cost in order to increasing site loading speed. Because page speed matter.  And PNG Out win is the best tool for doing such an awesome job. It saves your every byte and write file with out loosing the picture quality. Just drag and drop. For further work PNG OUT Win is responsible. Now pick your full seo optimsed image and use in your post with out any trouble. You are done.
Other free Search engine optimizer tool tips for images:
In order to cheap seo practices you are able to use these free and best tips for seo friendly images.

Use of Corel draw:

You can use to create your own branded icons with the help of corel draw software. Also if you are not familiar with this then you use Corel paint tool for increasing and decreasing the color scheme, hue, contrast and changing the format of specific figure. This affordable tool has many features. It tells you live image loading time with variation of its size etc.
Unnecessary cropping for best seo of image:
You manually crop an image with simply window paint tool or any other your favorite tool. Remove unwanted corners and sides which you don’t need. Because more you manage a picture your whole site will be optimized. This action directly target to pagespeed.

Best practices seo for images:

After applying these best seo friendly techniques with the usage of PNg out win and other above discussed tool you seem positive results in your website optimization. Moreover there are also some best practices you may adopt to build a fully seo optimised site.

Bonus Tip:

Give a better experience to your reader and audience while they landing on your site. Randomly implementation of these free seo techniques for images give you vital results. And you will be able to learn search engine optimization when you manually work.



SEO quake tool with all in features

If you don’t know about SEO Quake tool then where were you? It is pretty good small application for web owners. Especially for those who increase their knowledge about search engine optimization. You will be able to learn all compulsory data such as PR in Google, status of site links, condition in Bing and Google indexed pages from a specific website with all in one parameters. This is most convenient and reliable tool to gaining information about your favourite sites in seconds. It is not just an extension also with this your works become more simple just on clicks. It explores all data related to websites in SERPs. So now analyze this tool in detailed.

How to use and install:

You may able to direct download SEO quake from their official page in order to its integration with Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers. Alternatively use this extension from chrome store for Google chrome browser . Just add it to chrome as an extension and enable it. After that refresh browser and it will start working.

seo quake tool bar for chrome

Settings and Characteristics:

After fully installation you could be able to see this toolbar icon on your chrome man bar.  You can easily able & disable it from here. For the sake of full guidance use of other plug ins and customization check official guide from here. The process of working this SEO tool is simple but very vast. Every time when you make a search in your browser then with results a bar shows consisting on valuable consequences. Such as Page rank, Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, Google & bing indexed pages, dofollow links and source of a page etc. All the above mention data will be extracting with search engine results.

Other resources:

With SEO quake tool anyone can get all appropriate information with less fraction of time. It is useful because we get basic awareness about site reputation at one place regardless of manually search.
                                        If you wish to check all links i.e. dofollow links then SEO quake is ready. For this purpose click on LD icon at tool bar a new window will open with exploring full details of all links. Choose export preference from here and download a copy of CSV or EXCEL format. Save it and use. 



Search engine optimization what is it

Search engine optimization is a technique to bring a web page in top search results by using legal, ethical and right ways. At this time we can say that SEO is a wide separate field on the Internet as compare to past. With the passage of time chances are exist it will improve and more developed. For web developers it is basic need to understand fundamentals of this terminology for the sake of survival in leading industry of internet. More knowledge of it is a good sign for web owners in order to remaining at top level SERPs. There is no doubt that internet will bee the future media. There is no other process that we use instead of this for getting higher rank in search engines results. Search engine optimization is not a one night scheme that we implement once in a life and that’s it. It is a slow process but its effects are life time if applied according to rules and regulations of major search engines like Google and Bing etc.

How to start SEO:

Search engine optimization starts before making a web page. Let understand its facts by a simple example consider I want to make a site about blogging. First lesson of Search engine optimization is selection of a well known topic. Also it is necessary that you have sufficient information about your chosen subject. Then my work starts now. I will collect all related data about my domain i.e. (bogging). After completion first step of SEO it is the time of launching my site and start my on page work. A famous quote you may hear “First you learn then you earn”. Similar case here a person who learn it from root to top level then he earn more such that awareness of backlinks, dofollow, images & videos site structure, theme, appearance what is nofollow? And many other terms that we use in this field.

Factors and basics:

As I mention in above that search engine optimization is now a separate course and field in search engine language. There are two main factors in SEO. On page & off page whole structure of SEO stands on these two pillars. So if pillars will strong then entire building tremendously powerful. Alternatively one day everything will be crashed. How we can well-built our strategy then the answer is easy only learning and implementation.

search engine optimization technology

How seo is useful:

When a user enters his query in search bar and press enter then in results web pages that are displaying except SEM is due to Vital search engine optimization approach. Search engine marketing (SEM) is another way to bringing your content at first in SERPs. But it is short term, paid and less effective process. So it is recommended that in order to getting healthy knowledge about SEO we use genuine & white hat techniques. If we obey all rules regarding search engines and getting higher rank i.e. at first page in SERPs this is the worth of search engine optimization. SEO is not a stick of magic which will automatically apply by rotating this magical stick. Whereas it is a manual and long term process that is done by a web developer. Its benefits are long time and forever. Such as if I bring my site at first page of Google & bing search results then the profit which I earn is much higher then your thoughts.

Final summary:

As a beginner many new people who start their online career they don’t take care of search engine optimization. In other words they ignore it and feel it is a time consuming, wasteful and difficult work. But reality is not tells a lie and in real this is an interesting job. And it explores new way of learning advance techniques plus implementation and get results. Final thing is pay more attention. 


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Is img alt attribute with src are good for SEO in blogger

Image Alt (alternative) and Src (source) uses for pictures in web pages. It is an easy way for optimization of photos. By use these two practices we can enhance our ranking and visitors at our blog. A number of people ignore these tags then they miss a lot of traffic coming through images search. In a blogger post weinsert images to show relative information. But from SEO point of view it is necessary to provide extra knowledge about photos that could be best in SERPs. Spending little time on these practices giving you higher results in searching results! Alt attribute is support able in major search browsers.

For img alt tag:

Sometimes due to slow connection error in a page or any other reason image do not show and cracks. This time alternative text describes break photo for providing enough info to reader. This optimization of pictures make easier to understanding about whole seen. Consider here is the picture of a man who is typing with keyboard on a computer. It is OK that a user can easily understand the entire scene what’s happening in this image. But the problem is here computer is not advance like a man to understand. So you can do to tell the computer what is in this image using alt (alternative) tag. Use simple descriptive words in alt attribute like

alt=”A man is typing with keyboard”

instead of using or keyword stuffing like “typing typing with keyboard computer typing”.
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Good practice for img src:

Instead of using “abc00012.jpg” or “jhtdr968.png” and “tyrwe888777.gif” it is good to use simple words like

src=”typing on keyboard.gif”

a man is typing on keyboard

Vital role in SEO:

Search engine optimization not a stick of magic which you use and instantly your page will be shown at first pages in SERPs. We manually boost our web pages with all these techniques in order to gaining better results in searches. Let understand whole story with an example. Consider a man is searching for an image in Googleimages  with keywords “how to typing with keyboard” then more chances results shows your picture. In this way a searcher will jump to your website or on your blogger page with your image. Also we give an easy way to search engines where they identify our images using finest and descriptive words. By performing this make easy way to understanding images for computers and search engines like Google. Make a habit while using photos in a blogger post use these two little tricks. This is better way to optimization of pictures.


It is pretty good to use relative image in a blogger post. Avoid keyword stuffing in img alt tag. For advance options we can use comparative text in img src tag. By adopting these simple tactics you will be achieve to get better search results.



Alexa site info understands what statistics they show

learn about alexa site statistics

Alexa site information is a way to measure exact rating of a website. Here you can perform test about any webpage. In order to better understanding alexa show some keywords. It is necessary to know about these key points for gaining suitable knowledge. Improvement in alexa ranking is very important. It is recommended to check randomly matrices of your site. Variations in globally with country i.e. (7 to 4) figures data if they are increase then it is positive sign for a site. Alternatively if ranking is still or decreases day by day then it might be an alarming situation.

Popularity or traffic ranking of a site:

Just go to Alexa site info enter web address in search field and press the search button. There are two categories globally and country wide measurement. Global rank tells how a webpage is trendy around the world. These statistics are calculated on page views and daily visitors. On the other hand country wide data tells how a site is more known in a specific country. Consider if my webpage is more visited in Pakistan as compared to other countries then my country ranking show Popularity in Pak.
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Connection with visitors:

Next is the engagement of visitors. This feature is very useful because it ensures how users are involved on a site. Less bounce rate is good. Daily page views and time spend on webpage informs position of unique readers. And how much time a visitor spend on your website. Workings on high quality great content with easy navigation are responsible for more time spending by users.

Audience Demographics:

In this report alexa shows which viewers are more active on your site. Consisting on gender, education and other relative groups! Below is the demographic chart which indicates the position of region and country wise statistics shown in alexa.

Keywords and reputation:

This graph tells how a visitor comes on a site. If he comes with a query or keyword then we can see that keywords in this chart. At lasts brief description of page linking with URL shown by alexa with number of total links.


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Google plus profile advantages to link with blogger

Google plus connection with websites
It is a natural phenomenon for improving a website statistics online. Especially when we talk about blogger blogs and Google plus profile then its importance more flourished. Higher ranking in search results, back links, & re share content of a definite site is dream of every site owner. But question arises here what are those techniques or steps which should a blogger adopt for acquiring such stage. Social media is an effective key that help us to maintaining exact figure for boosting your brand with right way. Although Facebook, and twitter has their own value but Google plus platform keeps a unique level in the sense of marketing. In many aspects a blogger get benefit from G + in free if he has to ability of ideal usage.

Why a Google + profile is essential:

If you are a blogger then a nice profile is your identity. Well established profile gives suitable information about an organizer. With this exclusive tool people know about you. Besides these things we connect with our coworkers according to certain field. By catching, sharing and delivering valuable knowledge among us. Which open new ways of success in the world of internet?  Getting new bright ideas solution of queries about smooth working is another healthy approach for Google plus users. Implementation of verified authorship with Google plus profile and website is effective mark of trust.

Improvement in a blog:

After some introduction it is ideal time for gaining advantage from Google plus profile. First step is connecting Google + Profile with blogger then share post. It shows his work initially when a person publish a post at blogger after complete writing. A great way to share your product with friends, followers, and fellow minded community. Every one in your circles will be able to see latest update from your side. Comments, sharing reports and likes will receive.

                                                               Let solve this mystery with a little example. Consider a person who is following you at Google plus community with thousand plus group of people he has. And he finds new update from your side is helpful for readers by his re sharing activity open a flood of unlimited visitors to your blog or website. As a result more readers will engage directly increase reputation. In short temporary visitor will convert as a regular reader.

More solid profit:

It is a short review of using Google plus profile. On these forums we can find all stuff that is handy for us. Participating in groups and communities are good deal for promoting a brand. Its worth is not limited designed for promotion only alternatively receiving most up-to-date reports for concerning subject in less time an additional feature. Using # tag will increase search results. Relative hash tag matches with comparative search query in search results. As a result all the way Google plus profile will help you with all aspects on all over the world of internet. 


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How to increase alexa website traffic rank +widget

enhance website traffic rank

Alexa is a web information company from Amazon. Which provides knowledge about sites on the internet by using its algorithm? This is the time to know about latest development in search engine optimization. With respect to SEO this site may help you in right dimension. Checking randomly your own site statistics from Alexa! It determines which part of site need to improvement for pick up better results in search engine. Also enhance stability of site in searches with legal & permissible manner. Such as your global ranking, links in, and specific set country status. As we mention these all terminologies in our already published post of

installation of Alexa extension in Google Chrome. So here skip these steps. It is recommended first check that post. Now roll on.

Installation of Alexa toolbar:

This website notes impressions and clicks when a visitor landing on Alexa by using your toolbar. It also increases site ranking. Your first step to create an account or sign up then make a custom toolbar hit green button by giving all of your pages like Facebook, Twitter, Home page and search links. Plus RSS feed button. When happy with toolbar take a preview after looking good then hit the publish button.

alexa toolbar demo

Alternatively try to (download TcM toolbar)  directly. Install it to your browser and feel a new glance while surfing Internet. On the other hand you may easily configure Tcm toolbar by hitting this icon.

Get our toolbar!

Install it and start using with less risk & full confidence. This feature will surely help you in boosting your site traffic and ranking in search engine eye. For further assistance you may go on  Alexa FAQS.

Addition of Widgets:

Another great way to amplifying the site is add widgets by using this link go to widgets section. Three types of gadgets are available there. 

  • Site status button.
  • Traffic rank button for site owners.
  • Graphical representation of website data. 

Select any one then insert desired address in address bar then hit the orange bild widget button. Select javascript code which you want now follow these instructions.
Go to blogger dashboard > Layout > Add a gadget > HTML Java script.
Paste code here don’t tackle then read this tutorial first how to add blogger gadgets then implement. After that hit save button! Refresh page now you are Ok.
Alternatively there is another option also exist. Use logo in order to linking or referring to alexa!

Bonus Tip:

Write at least one healthy post about alexa and publish it on your website or blogger. Then changes will you see & feel.