Network Marketing

Work from home with network marketing business opportunity

With vast improvement in technology now its possible work from home. That is choice of every one in this age. But question is how we can set a system that gives us potential revenue from home. Then my answer is simple only with networking marketing business we can do it. Before going into depth you know a little bit about network marketing business. This platform gives full freedom in life with enjoyment. There is no restriction like an office worker who fulfils all rules of punctuality and working fourteen to sixteen hours a day. In this business you are your own boss. Time is yours. The most common thing that I observe this business does not require any experience. No doubt this business include in top rated working from opportunities.

No need of special location:

If we compare network marketing business with traditional ways of working from home then result will be clear. Let me clear with a live example. I need to open a market then it is in basic success key that if market will be in public place then its earning will be much more as compared to non public places. Means we need some specific location for this.

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                                                Alternatively for network marketing business it gives us this opportunity that where you are in the world you will be able to work. There is no need for hiring certain special location, like arrangement of offices etc. This is the property of this business when you travel from one place to another place it will with you. So from this comparison we can easily conclude there is no other way for working from home like network marketing business.

Feel free when working:

Another positive signal when working with network marketing business there is no limitations. When you want you can work. Also it is noted that a person who has wide dreams with great sincerity he will get success. Consider if your thoughts that you earn just 1 dollar from this business then it will gives you one on the other hand if millions of dollars in your views then believe me this platform will ready to pay you. Leading company for home based business.

Why people preferring network marketing:

Now a days this home base working business becoming more popular in all over the world. With this spreading popularity fraudulent are active. It is very necessary while choosing a network marketing check their reliability status. After full satisfaction then start working freely from this platform. According to an careful estimate it has been observed that in future network marketing business will be leading all other home based works.

How NM is work from home:

A number of people think about network marketing business that this is not home based work. Let me clear this query. Firstly you are fully free. You are not bound with daily dull office difficult schedules & great responsibility as a result less income. No any type of tension you have with NM business. Even a person who is fully activated in network marketing business and more social he goes on tours for the sake of presentation. Meet with new people. Getting new skills and ideas! And at last a day come when he enjoys his life with his family at home and a healthy earning will comes. 


Network Marketing

Network marketing business How to make effective Presentation

This is the second lesson of our Network marketing business chapter. After Contact list we will discuss this lesson briefly. So before going our topic it is compulsory to familiar with this. In simple presenting the idea and whole structure, Plain of the business by a professional person called Presentation. Perfect dealing with prospects results will be positive. That’s why generally most senior and experienced person handles with this step.

How to deal with Prospect:

It is recommended that during presentation keep full focus on plain described. Sit with your prospect give him a copy and pen for note down special steps. It will make a better impression on prospect. Also don’t go anywhere during present. Give value your seniors and preference your company.


Before starting the session prepare mind of your prospect. Ask & tell these three instructions him.

  • One hour free
  • Keep mobile on silent mode.
  • Respect my seniors
  • Ask question answers at the end. 


With the usage of these three tricks your guest will be understand what is the basic purpose of the session. And he will behave like you because he if following you. He will also act as he instruct. Leave positive impression during whole the scene.


Imagine prospect’s mind as a empty glass. If you bring a empty glass with you in the form of your friend, guest, prospect then it will easy for the presenter that he fill it with all essential knowledge. There will be hundred percent chances for sign up. On the other hand if you tell him before the time then he will not take interest in whole session the reason behind you tell him the entire scene before presentation. So it is necessary don’t tell any one of thing in invitation. Leave everything as a great secret and in suspense.  So it’s your responsibility and it’s in your own hand whether you waste your friend or make him your business partner. Dealing with positive way and according to seniors better results you will get.

Avoid during presentation:

There are certain things please avoid all of these during the presentation. Network marketing is a great platform. Clever people are moving towards them. Show your attitude as a business man not a sales man. During the session listen each and every thing carefully with hundred percent concentration.


Network Marketing

Network Marketing Business Contact List 1st Lesson

This (Network marketing) is the business of duplication. If you successfully duplicate each and every thing with team mates then success is yours. When a newly member sign up it trained by professional net workers. Dairy and pen are must because “written is better then memorize”. So take these two things always with you whether you are in an event, business meeting. Note down any new idea, advice and plain it will boost up your network marketing business & give it new edge. So now we move on our today’s topic.

Why to make Contact List:

 In training first step or lesson is contact list. As we know that in every industry for example a leather factory it needs leather for making jackets or any thing so leather is raw material here. Same like this in network marketing business contact list is our Raw Material. With the passage of time if contact list of newly joined person increases then it’s the sign he is going towards his destiny. As a result if raw material in abundant then automatically factory manufacturing (Business Partners) production increases fast. For better and life time results professional network marketing business achievers recommend participate in making Contact list of your new member.

Genuine Benefits:

In start I mention duplication. Because when we personally help with him in making contact list he takes this impression from here. After a time when his teem grows up he will follow us. Boost up their motivational level by sharing golden stories regarding network marketing business. Besides raw material when new member duplicate his contact list on dairy it also help in case of mobile stolen or lose. In short his mobile number directory will be safe.

How to use contact list in network marketing:

Categorize whole list into these columns.
Name – Cell No – Place – category (job, jobless, student) – Relation – Status – Presentation date – Follow up – Re follow up – Remarks.
After first two columns third is place. The purpose of place section this time is working only in near or surrounding areas. When a trainer watch on category column then he easily judge which person will be best for your first Presentation. Same like in relation series.


  • In network marketing business we divide the whole contact list into three sub categories 

Hot list:

  • Those persons which are under your influence or interaction between there & you at daily basis are fall in this category. When they do anything take suggestion from you.

Warm list:

  • Some difference those friends or relatives are including in this list the interaction b/w you & there is comparatively small as hot list.

Cold list:

  •  Not meet them or interaction between them & you from six months to one year.

Useful information for Presenter:

A network marketing business trainer when see at contact list he absolutely monitor all things Such as your total presentations, dates. Complete, successive or pending follow ups. Finally he checks remarks (joined or pending entries).


Keep in mind if first step will be strong team shall be healthy. Keep focusing on all these steps regarding contact list also try to implement them. To productivity, reliability, and positive results in Network marketing business.


Network Marketing

Leading Network Marketing Business companies

World’s algorithm changes rapidly. Which converts old means of business into Modern ways? People are now aware about MB. However I examine some quarries still exist in their minds. Also a fear factor stops them to choice or work with leading network marketing companies. As a result they lost total benefits from this business. In this tutorial I will try to make a complete guidance regarding this problem. Which help many people to understand the policy and work strategy with this system of Network Marketing.

Top 3 Leading Business companies:

Here is a descriptive review of
1. Edady.
2. GoldmineInternational.
3. Tines.

1ST leading hub of online business:

                                              Edady is now most wanted, best and reliable online working platform for networkers. If I say that this is “Father of all ecommerce business” then it might not be wrong. It facilitate with all the basic requirements that customers want. Plus edge of flexible plain. Strong products & most amazing thing that I observe daily based automatic commission system. Wish of every customer. Highly secure online network marketing business company. So I say that working with ED is not a bad deal rather then it’s a golden chance for you guys. Make your dreams live with this.


         Pronounced as Goldmine international another a great deal. That works in 150 plus countries. As its name shows it deals in Gold products mostly. Which is worthy product in this age? Overall in network marketing business the average and ranking of GMI is very high but here are some reasons of upon them a large no of networkers prefer first leading company(ED). Most common is its business plan is very strict as compare to Edady. And you get commission on every Monday. The vital rule of this company that is GMS is really appreciated able.


          Which is also a good earning platform? Is a Chinese company founded in 1995. It deals in medicines, massagers, health and other such type of products. Help the people all over the world in two ways. You know how? I tell. First when a networker joins this network marketing company he enters in this business. According to my observation he sold some products on his behalf. If he brings patients with them he earns some points. And his level increase from 1 star to 3 star. Using this trick where patient takes medicines and treat himself on the other hand company’s product sell and networker earn commission. All three parties take their own benefit

Last Words:

              Network marketing business now a leading way and key of success. Choosing a company it’s my suggestion that you have value able information about it. Also make a survey for its confirmation. 


Earning Money Online, Network Marketing

Make money with network marketing in Pakistan

Pakistanwhich is include also include in the list of advance countries. Maximum people don’t know about valid & right way of generating money from Internet. So in this tutorial we reveal best, strong & life time methods. With the usage of these every one earn a handsome income.

                         Which change your whole life in very short interval of time? These tips are very useful & life changing opportunity so I need your full concentration at this time. Before we jump our topic I recommend that you have some know how about (NM.) Network Marketing. So we skip this step
What is network marketing business

Selection procedure:

                                Already we publish some posts for this issue. In my views Edady is the solution of our query. Here this problem solved. Now proceed forward. After selection of Network marketing platform which tricks should I adopt for making money in Pakistan.

 Preventing from scams & fraudulent this is not a bad deal. On the other hand if you have knowledge about any other same company then doesn’t matter. It’s your concern. But wait 1st you check these four pillars which I mention
How to check the reliability of network marketing or MLM business.
These things really help your choice.

Type of work or Faqs:

                             After all now you work of making money starts from here. At this stage a flood of questions arises in our minds same like. What will be type of work, time limit, etc?  Boss you are right upon your thinking. But in this business of network marketing this is the life time deal.

 At the starting stage your senior takes responsibility of presentation, training, follow up, and Faqs. But with the passage of time when you learn enough about then you provide these services to your team and make money.

Making money process:

                          This business called team business. 1st time you need only two persons or business partners in network marketing. Who have some dreams and them really to do for yourself & their family?  Your chain like structure starts. You have learn & teach your partners because its Duplication business.
 In every stage where you’re left & right sales volume match commission given to you in the form of money. This process never ends even you don’t stop.

Life time Support:

              Like your seniors contribution now it is your duty to support team. If you take no interest in team meeting, trainings then you loss your tree! Remember in this world 1 rule apply. Give & take. I add this cheque for your satisfaction. If I make money with network marketing business in Pakistan then why you do not. Think….!!!

Edady commision based cheque


How to, Network Marketing

How to check reliability of network marketing or MLM company

Network marketing and MLM is now a growing business industry in the field of internet. People especially youngsters left the traditional business & rapidly diverts to Multi national companies with modern ways. In this age here are a lot of opportunities as compare to old one.

Leading industry:

                           According to a suitable estimate at this time Network Marketing is one of best deal in the world. Every 3rd home running in America & every 2nd home pay their expenses on its behalf.  People fulfill their basic needs through this. And enjoy a splendid life.
      So the question arises here how to check trust worthy company? Where is no fraud? Zero risk. The answer is

How to choice a network marketing company:

                                                                        hmmm…!!! Personally it’s very difficult for making decision that how to trust any company? The reason is millions of tk companies are now in market.

find reliable networking company

Find Reliable trust able company:
                                                     Some tricks to check the stability of any network marketing or MLM comp. You can make 4 pillars about that one. So we easily judge is our selection reliable trust worthy or not.
Top 2 social tools for NM Business

1. Expense or budget of network marketing company:

                                                                                      Determine the expensive budget of your selected NM industry. If it exceeds with their profit then it will be fail in our view. Behind the factor is if that not earn profit then how where he will pay you. It is very strong point or back bone.  Media & advertisement expense also pays a vital role. Those who spend millions of dollars in their advertisings they will not pay you.

2. Profit:

            profit > Marketing expense then result is Pass.
            profit < Marketing budget ………………Fail.

3. Products from MLM:

                   product will be strong company will survive. Low product 90% chances for abnormal survival. If products like Jewelry or Gold then these are very strong. You can trust. On the other hand if they are like massagers, electronic material, oils or medicines then it’s not look very well because these all products will be expire after a valid date.

Tip:Edady solution of MLM & Network Marketing

4. Registration details of Network marketing company:

                                                                                        Another weapon we have comp registration. Is it registered as commercial purpose or Ltd? Check the license is it valid or bogus? Also make a review of registration date. See the online security of the network marketing comp. Is it secured?

                These are some tricks which we use to tackle this problem. If you find all these things fine & they fulfill the above mentioned criteria then it is trust able. Also check the progress on Social Media as a Networking Tool.


Earning Money Online, Network Marketing

Edady solution of MLM and Network Marketing business

Edady is the great name of Multi national Company from Dubai. According to the registration is Aug 2007. This marketing company is registered from Dubaichamber of commerce & legally works in many countries still.
      As we finely know about this rule “If a company with one team and 1 business plan survives at least one year in market then we can trust upon it Hundred percent. ” luckily this company survives about six years. So as a result we can trust this.
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Edady Shopping Compansation PlainWhy we choose Edady:

                                      The answer is so simple Flexible plain. Your earned commission delivers you on daily basis no more wait for weeks or months.  Use of Binary power & generate amazing income. Based on left and right group sales volume. All type of compensation plains you find here. Hybrid of MLM and Network Marketing.


           Edady deals in four types of products.
1. Health
2. Energy
3. Beauty
4. Most amazing product (22 carat Gold Plated ) Jewelry.
Range from 51$  à 800$

Payment Gateway:

                           As Edady is different and flexible from other MLM and Network Marketing companies. So it provides you a handsome payment option in which includes
1. Use your own Ebucks. (1 ebuck = 1 US Dollar)
2. Paypal option.
3. Visa card
4. Master card
5. Payza account
Also with online security like Digicert etc.

Sign up or Joining process:

                                          also you can easily join this trust worthy MLM business using all above mentioned process. But personally I suggest you first you attend the proper session understand it. And then join preferable with 1st option because its very easy, and quick method as compare to others.

Network Marketing Tools:

                           Another very positive point for networkers to design these Marketing Tools. It helps in Network Marketing & MLM ambassadors. They easily download the whole plain in the form of Presentation in four different languages. English, Arabic, French and Urdu. You can grab this from here Download