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How to save your personal pictures from unfair use

Every one loves with their personal photos. It is a natural phenomenon. Some people take strict care of their privacy including their pictures; with other secret things which I don’t mention here (you may understand them). In this age of technology we store our personal data in our mobile phone memory cards or in pc hard drive. There is no chance of any loss in these places all of our data especially personal snaps are in our secrecy. But where problem exist or what I mean with unfair use here. Every thing will be fine till then your PC & Cell phone will remain in your custody. As long as you lost or resale them then this illegal use starts from there. Let’s go in depth and understand this tricky seen with detailed.

Unfair use of Personal Pics:

We follow the simple way of just Deleting our data and then empty Recycle bin. We think that our work ends there. And no chance to getting this erased data from Recycle bin. But you are totally wrong in fact this is not your fault because you don’t know about the retrieval process of data. Let me explain the whole story. When we delete all data including personal pictures from recycle bin then all information still remain on hard disk. People use hard drive data recovery software for the collecting already deleted data. A large number of hard drive data recovery software with great coverage and accuracy are available on the internet.

How to recover deleted pictures:

A simple user of computer may don’t know about this term but professionals are familiar with this. And they know how to use it for the sake of recovering erased data especially taking other’s privacy including their personal pictures. So be aware from such type of pirates who recuperate all above mention material with perfect experience.

How can I save my personal snaps from immoral use:

May be there will still other ways are available regarding this series issue. But the ways that I will tell you are authentic and reliable. You can use these three ways for the sake of destroying your personal pictures forever. And don’t give any chance for their retrieval. So keep reading with full focus and learn.

1. Open image file with text editor:

As you know that we generally open a .png, jpeg or gif images files even our personal photos with Windows photo viewer application. But regarding full buried and demolishes a picture you follow these steps.

  • Right click with your mouse cursor on your selected image  >  choose open with preference.
  • Now select text editor from other program menu and open this picture.
  • Or simply edit with Note pad + + if you installed.
  • When file will be open you see don’t understand able coding in text editor.
  • Now press Ctrl + A and select whole the coding.
  • Finally press Ctrl + S for saving it.
  • After you save then you see your picture will be disappear with window photo viewer icon. 
  • Now you easily delete it.

open image file with note pad


Now try to open this file you will unable to open it. Window photo viewer gives this message to you instead opening this file. “Window photo viewer is unable to open this file.”
Hoooray you successfully done it!!!
And you save your file from unfair using.

2. File formatting system:

While formatting a drive first format it with NTFS and then Format with Fat 32. This is another way to prevent your deleted data. And that won’t be recovered later.

3. Replacing Pictures:

Another strong way to deal with this problem is replacing your personal images or photos with wallpapers, or other dull photos. Because the replaced data don’t be recover whether you use high quality standard data recovery tools.

Final words:

These were three ways to saving you and your loved ones from upcoming any nuisance.
I hope you may learn and you will spread this precious information among your friends, and followers. So help others with sharing new branded solid information.


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Moving a blog changing admin email address how to do

Blogger is very broad platform with a lot of customization. It is necessary to need basic settings for better experience. At the time of creation of blog we need a Gmail for sign up its called admin email address. Your blog even every Google service is associated with same mail. Professional bloggers heir special SEO optimized content writer for their posts or sometimes we feel to move a blog between two people. Then we use this tool for customization. Making these changes a blog divide and these two members get access on one blog.

Why to change email address:

Sometimes we need to move a blog. Let’s suppose when adding other admin which could be a web developer, SEO expert or designer for the sake of making suitable changes and enhancement of a blog. Professional bloggers keeps a back up mail in case of lost one address so use second mailing address. Also at the time of giving access to another author or any other case! Then we need to change email address.

Find blogger admin:

First thing is locating blogger organizer. Then go to blogger dashboard > settings > Permissions > add an author.

adding author or admin in blogger
Here we see +add author link that means we can move our blog between two email address. Add mail address what you want. A confirmation message will be forwarded to other person. As long he will confirm he will add with your blogger account. Also you change your mail address from here.

Permissions and limitations of author & admin:

There is a difference between an author & organizer of a blogger account. Admin is the owner and he has fully control where as an author has limited authority. He has only access on blogger post writing, publish a pot etc. He is not able to see or approach other settings and features of blogger. Any time from any where you too be able to maintaining same blog. Although your blog will be divide between you to. But other element remains hidden from author.

How to change settings:

While changing email address a drop down menu will tell you that can you add this person as a admin or author. It is upon you to choose according to your need. We can also customize these settings after adding. Also we can remove or change these settings from our blog using right cross button.

Forget a password or lost a blog:

There are  two ways of retrieval of a blog in case of forgetting blog address or mailing address. Just Follow this link forgot user name or password. Here are two options. First is recovery through URL if you remember then revival your blog by using this method. Alternatively second choice is repossession via Gmail. Enter email address and recover.


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How to remove and edit facebook apps from your profile

removing facebook application
Facebook is one of the most growing social network of this century. Every one knows about it. A couple of day’s tenth anniversary of this network has been celebrated by its owner. This is best place for seeking new things because we use fan pages and groups here. Another great way to acquiring knowledge is use facebook apps. A large number of applications are integrated with this network. Even if you have an fb account you can make your own similar invention. Share this with friends & family. Today we discuss about app feature of fb as earlier I discuss most popular birthday extension.

Editing system:

On main page at left side you may see your extensions, groups, friends etc. If we place cursor on a specific function then two effects take place at the same time. For example in the screenshort cursor is on Games feature. Then two links appear.

how to edit facebook apps

1. More option which is visible clearly.

We can edit any them from two ways. If you wish to see all features then you may click on number one “More” preference. A new window will be open with all of your stuff.

2. A small pen type icon show.

Alternatively by pushing this little icon that is behind the app you may edit your application. There are other useful characteristic.

Removing facebook application:

It is upon you to use first or second method for editing. Both are same but 1stprocess open all feature and 2nd is for instantly use. In this tutorial we use More option procedure. As above mention by pressing More link after landing on new page. All apps are able to seen clearly with information of last activity. Now place your cursor on tiny pen edit button & push it. Select remove application. A box will show at here click on blue remove button.

removal process

Bingo you are done.

Custom settings:

If we click on edit settings preference then seen will be different. A pop up box will explain you. By clicking on visibility section a drop down menu tells you to select best selection. Like who can see your stuff friends, family, classmates etc. Set desired and control your facebook application. You may either deselect notifications sender by this. Set custom privacy what you want.

preferences for custom settings


These are some ways to manage apps. If you wish to use a feature of facebook no more delete it or organize it. These all things increase experience of social networking at internet.
Need help:
Tutorial is very easy to understand. We’ll try to make it more sensible with adding images. However if you feel a little bit problem anywhere while editing we will say welcome to you every time.


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How to exactly install and use font awesome for blogger

Every one wants seems different look on websites. Value able and friendly appearance for users! But this is not an easy subject. People do a lot of struggle in this matter. After years of hard work they set a professional design & glance for their blog. Font awesome make it easy for those who are expert or newbies. Just you need a little bit of information about HTML plus CCS. Using this platform you decorate the site like a qualified. Then start.

Font awesome:

4.0.3 is the latest version of Font awesome. It is a place where you add up to 350+ icons depending on different categories i.e. web icons, currency, text editor and much more. Just need to add the code of your favorite icon in source of your page. Even if you are expert in CSS then make these icons more colorized. Changing size into any scale according to layout! It increases the beauty of site with live icons. This is perfect platform for web owners to see as a skilled person at Internet.

Font awesome icons

Correctly Installation:

Go to Font-Awesome. And add these two lines of coding into head section of your source of web page.
1. If you are using blogger then Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
Press  (ctrl+f) and find <head> just below it add this piece of code.

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”>

2. Click save Template button and you are done.

Some times while saving it Template gives an error in red alert on the top of the page.

Error parsing XML, line 1233, column 5: The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “</link>”. Hide notification

Here is a useful Tip to correct this error. You need to just add a back slash (  /  ) at the end of the code. After adding this (/) it looks like as

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet” >

Now again save it. I hope it will not show any fault.

Using CSS:

If the above code don’t work accurately then you have other option of adding Cascading Style sheet Link in HTML coding of your blogger.
Repeat the above mention process and at starting tad of <head> Just below it paste this piece.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”path/to/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css”>

If show error then follow above process of adding (/) at the end.
I expect after this you will exactly install Font awesome in your website or blogger.

What can we do:

By installing Font awesome we can do many things? By surfing internet you may see on many websites small beautiful icons like Tags, Home, Settings etc. Below is a short online Demo.
Source is    <i class=“fa fa-tags”></i> AND <i class=“fa fa-comments”></i>

On successfully installation just pick your desired icon from F.A Library and put the selected item code in the form of fa fa-heart using <i> tag. Save it and refresh the page. A new scene will appear on your site. Write less and do more.

Need help:

Just drag and drop system however if you need any type of assist then ask me. I always feel glad for helping others.


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How to exactly free earn money by sharing your stuff Part 1 of 3

Internet is a divine. If any one who tackle its in right way. With the passage of time modern technology will more vital. And human gets more benefits. People earn day by day millions of dollars and they don’t share there secrets. Although many ways are available for making money online but not every one is trusted & hundred percent real. The reason is increasing amount of spammers and fraudulent persons make it very difficult to distinguish between these.  So we share those tactics regarding this topic which are reliable for interested users. Apply these methods results will be positive.

Sharing Stuff:

This term cover all the topic. In sharing stuff includes, video files like movies, seasons, and drams every category of video. Every type of software, games, eBooks, mobile applications, magazines, tutorials, graphic wallpaper, and templates in short every thing which is share able you add it in this category. Spread your files every where and earn extra money. Sharing informative tutorials in video formats is best for make money.

start uploading and earn revenue with rapidgator

File sharing:

Any one use this file sharing service that offered by many websites. If you have any above mention sharing material then this is the right time to facilitating yourself by this free service. Any one who is developer, video maker, graphic designer they easily share their work with people and make revenue.

How to earn money:

In this specific discussion we will allocate about Rapidgator. () is very popular online file sharing program. The strategy is you upload any type of file here in cpanel. Most of the people use Filezilla client software for uploading bunch of files with one click. This is small software for using upload websites, files, and other stuff. You can download it from here(). Just drag and drop option and synchronize with c panel file will be start uploading.
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                How students Make money with infolinks

Earn money with Rapidgator:

Go to (R) and make an account by providing email address and user name. After signing in this is your Dashboard or homepage. On very top of left menu like My account, earn, premium etc are given. Set your profile and other payment settings as you want. On this platform two types of accounts.
Network Marketing is a vital way of Income in Pakistan.

Rapidgator main menu

First is called free account and second is premium. You will be given 4 TB bandwidth space with free account. I think if you are willing to work then this is enough space. We don’t need to premium account. People download your stuff and earning will be start.

Uploading Files:

Most of the users prefer Filezilla for uploading online files. Alternatively there are two other options exist for uploading material. Like web uploading direct option, and remote choice. Choose your files. We recommend Fz because it is fast & only takes few minutes. With this service you can upload a file up to 5GB. Rapidgator provide you FTP server address for Fz plus another login and password option. While other two options are simple select files then upload it. As we work in our daily uploading system. After complete uploading start sharing with friends they will download you will make money. Complete method will be described in our next post so till then stay with us for revealing all the hidden secrets of earning money online.  


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How to add social media buttons on blogger premium version

Social media integration now a day is very compulsory for any website especially when using blogger platform. We have discussed numerous series on this specific topic. Today we will reveal another easy way to adding buttons on your website. In this tutorial you will be able to add just like your template buttons.

Premium version:

This is easy just cutting an apple. Every one whether that is new on blogger or professional implement these social icons on their blog. These icons are is a nice way to spread your work with the rest world. Also a reader feel easy while sharing a post on Facebook, Google plus or twitter. So this is the only way to make beautiful your blog by adding new gadgets like this.

more social media icons

Select buttons according to template:

Go to socialbuttonmaker

1. Choose buttons you what to want from huge buttons directory. Select your type by hitting choose button. As indicated in the screen short.

select the button you want to add from category

A new window will be open
2. Enter only user/profile name on front of every your social profile.
3. Select the size you want to use.

enter profile name next on icon

4. Hit preview and check whether all buttons are working properly.
Now you have half done.

Adding HTML Java script:

5. Copy the code from the iframe.

copy the code and add into html java script

And put into adding a gadget on your bloggerwhere you want to render.
Finally refresh the page and see the live preview of your social media icons.
Congratulations..!!! You have done. Put your blog appearance to a new advance level and make impression for your readers.

Need help:

If you don’t tackle or feel help at any stage then we are here just ask. We hope you like this easy and one way tutorial please show your love in comments. J  


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How to add multi stylish social sharing buttons on blogger/website

Every blogger and website owner know the importance of social networks in this time. People use sharing buttons; follow us widgets, and recommended buttons for popularity of their online content. Whether they run a simple blog or high online business website? Every one want more social and familiar around their fellow sphere and globally. Do you think what the logic behind this sociality is? Why many pro bloggers and professional users of Internet are more hunger for these social widgets. Answer is simple more social means more money. Also they know the worth of socialism.

Add social buttons:

There are many ways of adding buttons. First way is customizing manually these buttons. This process is time taking and complicated for those who have little knowledge about HTML,CSS & JAVA SCRIPT. So keeping in mind these complications I would make easy this tutorial for all of you guys. One more thing stay tuned after this series we disclose for manually social sharing buttons for blogger/website & posts, sidebars, footer etc.  I hope after reading this post you will be able to easily add sharing, recommended, follower buttons where you want. Now take the start and follow the instructions attentively.

1. Add sharing buttons for Blogger:

Just go to Addthis if you wish then sign up. There are Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus sign up options. Select any one or with Email and password. After setting up an account now install blogger widget in three steps.

Get help from screenshot and do as directed.

Choose three social sharing options

  • a. Select Get the Code tab first.
  • b. As indicated in option 2 choose blogger from platform options.
  • c. Choose sharing option as in 3rd option. 


Sharing buttons propertiesAt 3rd option which is Share. Here are some customization steps that you can.

  • 1. Select the position left or right.
  • 2. Choose quantity of buttons from 1 to 6.

Scrolling down and choose theme from four categories. Select wisely and according to template style because it selection of carefully picked colors and themes is a sign of professional developer.
 Now you have half done
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Install blogger widget:

Finally hit the big blue button. A new window will open authorize your blog address to proceed for next step. Now select blog and title. Then hit blue add widget button. Blogger dashboard and Layout option will open you see your added gadget here. Also see make your blog beautiful with gadgets
Congratulations…!!! You are done.
Now refresh the page and feel the difference. After installing it will looks like as in the figure below preview.

on completing install the sharing widget it looks as in image

2. Add follow me buttons on blogger:

After completion 1st step I have something amazing for you now. There is another follow us plug in. For the sake of installing this plug in just repeat the 1st process. Select Blogger platform then choose Follow me drop down menu. Click On button. A drop down list with more then ten plus social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Linked In. Fill the empty boxes provided with your suitable social address or user name. Select theme and finally hit the big blue install blogger widget button. It repeats same process for next step like we perform above when installing Sharing social buttons.
Most Wanted:

Adding follow us plug in for blog

3. For websites, Joomla WordPress Platform users:

At the platform menu there are other these three options including Blogger. So for the users of websites they will add these sharing buttons as we indicated above i.e. for blog. This system does not support for WordPress at this time. Joomla users download Joomla module and then install them manually. Similar is process for adding follow me buttons. Excepting wordpress.