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Advance search feature in Google for copyright material

It is superior to get familiar with copyrights term as a blogger. Especially while using images in blogger posts this is good practice for giving full credit to its creator. Blindly use of copyrighted material may harm you at any stage. Some people give full permission to their products for reuse, modifying and reshaping while on the other hand a large number of communities reserved their copyrights laws. So it is necessary before adding images to know about its status. Creativecommon license which is free to get and mostly bloggers use it with simple installation. In previous post we learn about filter content on Flickr. But as the majority use Google images so now we find out how to know about copyrights with Google advance search tool.

Advance search feature:

Google is one of most favourite & high usage search engine in the world. As a normal Internet user we only perform searches commonly. Alternatively as a website owner it is necessary to know deeply. Advance search feature help us regarding this matter. Doesn’t matter whether your search is about images, books, videos etc.?  This tool will guide you plus give you complete customized results according to your choice.

How to use:

Go to advance search feature. At this page we find useful information regarding our search consisting on keywords simple or with quotes, region, language, format and usage rights etc. We are able to modify our query with changing all of these values. Transformation in values you will see variation in results. Consider if I select file format PDFs then results will be filtrate. This is a simple & time saving method of exact exploration.

Advance Filter for images:

Usually with normal images search we not able to find that which img file is free to use and which is controlled under his creator. With this filter you easily judge this fact. Go to advance image search and follow these instructions.

  • Enter desired words suppose I need a SEO related image so I type words or a phrase in first search bar. 
  • Skip the next step it is quoted search. If you are interested to find exact results then use it. 
  • Now use second narrow result feature.
  • From here choose size, colour, aspect ratio, type and region with format preference. 
  • After complete information press bottom advance button and you are done.
  • Browser will automatically find your customized file. 
  • Even filter images from any website by using site or domain feature will help you exploring more straight way just type site address and hit enter a new window will show your inserted site images in results.
usage of advance search tool

Usage rights characteristic:

Apply this feature carefully. By default this is set to not filter by license state. Use drop down menu for accessing other permissions like free use to share, commercially utilize with modification. Select                      “free to use, share or modify even commercially” option as indicated in screen short. By hitting below blue button results will show only those images which are unlock from copyrights. You can easily alter their behaviour according to circumstances.

advance copyrighted filter search in google

                         Similarly performing advance search for Videos and books in using Google will increase your knowledge & experience. And you will be able to explore new ways of finding anything at Internet with accurate results in less time. So enjoy this new information and share it with others.


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Google plus profile advantages to link with blogger

Google plus connection with websites
It is a natural phenomenon for improving a website statistics online. Especially when we talk about blogger blogs and Google plus profile then its importance more flourished. Higher ranking in search results, back links, & re share content of a definite site is dream of every site owner. But question arises here what are those techniques or steps which should a blogger adopt for acquiring such stage. Social media is an effective key that help us to maintaining exact figure for boosting your brand with right way. Although Facebook, and twitter has their own value but Google plus platform keeps a unique level in the sense of marketing. In many aspects a blogger get benefit from G + in free if he has to ability of ideal usage.

Why a Google + profile is essential:

If you are a blogger then a nice profile is your identity. Well established profile gives suitable information about an organizer. With this exclusive tool people know about you. Besides these things we connect with our coworkers according to certain field. By catching, sharing and delivering valuable knowledge among us. Which open new ways of success in the world of internet?  Getting new bright ideas solution of queries about smooth working is another healthy approach for Google plus users. Implementation of verified authorship with Google plus profile and website is effective mark of trust.

Improvement in a blog:

After some introduction it is ideal time for gaining advantage from Google plus profile. First step is connecting Google + Profile with blogger then share post. It shows his work initially when a person publish a post at blogger after complete writing. A great way to share your product with friends, followers, and fellow minded community. Every one in your circles will be able to see latest update from your side. Comments, sharing reports and likes will receive.

                                                               Let solve this mystery with a little example. Consider a person who is following you at Google plus community with thousand plus group of people he has. And he finds new update from your side is helpful for readers by his re sharing activity open a flood of unlimited visitors to your blog or website. As a result more readers will engage directly increase reputation. In short temporary visitor will convert as a regular reader.

More solid profit:

It is a short review of using Google plus profile. On these forums we can find all stuff that is handy for us. Participating in groups and communities are good deal for promoting a brand. Its worth is not limited designed for promotion only alternatively receiving most up-to-date reports for concerning subject in less time an additional feature. Using # tag will increase search results. Relative hash tag matches with comparative search query in search results. As a result all the way Google plus profile will help you with all aspects on all over the world of internet. 


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Add social sharing buttons below and above every blogger post

In starting we learn about adding social sharing buttons with detail. As the growing demand of social industry it is necessary we integrate our blog with recommended distributive tools. In this time user want more simple way to share as compared to complex difficult ways. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus play a healthy role in success of any blogger or website. Although many other resources exist online but these are major platforms which are used for popularity of your brand at internet. Qualified people prefer to use these networks for the sake of automated, like and share the content.
                           Add Multi Stylish Social Sharing Buttons

                           Twitter Button series full customized version

Below the post:

In first session we will describe to add social sharing buttons below every blogger post in blogspot. So let’s get start. Go to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
Search this peace of code.


 At the first occurrence place this whole code immediately after above code.

<!– Facebook button –>
<div id=’fb-root’/>
<script>(function(d, s, id) {
var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
js = d.createElement(s); = id;
js.src = &quot;;;
fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
}(document, &#39;script&#39;, &#39;facebook-jssdk&#39;));
<!– Google +1 button–>
<script type=’text/javascript’>
(function() {
var po = document.createElement(&#39;script&#39;); po.type = &#39;text/javascript&#39;; po.async = true;
po.src = &#39;;;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(&#39;script&#39;)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);
<!– Twitter button–>
<script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id))
 <!—Tcm horizontal social sharing buttons Start –>
   <div class=’horizontal-social-buttons’ style=’padding:10px 0 10px;’>
<!– Twitter –>
<div style=’float:left;’>
<a class=’twitter-share-button’ data-count=’horizontal’ data-lang=’en’ data-related=”
data-via=” expr:data-text=’data:post.title’ expr:data-url=’data:post.url’ href=’’>Tweet</a>
<!– Google +1 –>
<div style=’float:left;’>
<g:plusone annotation=’bubble’ expr:href=’data:post.url’ size=’medium’/>
<!– Facebook Like+Send –>
<div style=’float:left;’>
<fb:like colorscheme=’light’ expr:href=’data:post.url’ font=” layout=’button_count’ send=’true’ show_faces=’false’/>
<!–sharing button ends here–>

Press the orange save button. Congratulations you are done. Enjoy a new glance to your blog.

Above the post:

Paste entire code above <data:post.body/>. Sharing buttons will be shown above every post.
Need Help:
In custom templates there are variation in coding of <data:post.body/>. Then it is recommended check other two positions in case of invalid position of buttons.


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How add watermark on blogger images by Picasa 3 Google

picasa 3 google app
Technology enhances with latest updates developments. In every field of internet we see suitable changes are coming as time passes. On the other hand where all these facilities are for human benefit but crackers, hackers and spammers also growing using modern techniques. In this time whether you are web developer, a photo editor, or photographer you need to protect your property online. Save photos with watermark (WM)by picasa. As a blogger for sake of better understanding we require to upload photos or screenshorts. This activity helps readers while reading a blogger post plus it added a new taste to a specific post. Another positive point arises here that inserting of pictures prevent users from boring during studying.

What is watermark:

It is possible this term will be new for a number of internet users or newbies. Watermark is a way to add your own caption or copyright on the photo. Moreover it provides necessary information about author and image. Different options, fonts, size and colors you may choose while adding watermark using Google application picasa 3. This is best practice & recommended by professional photographers.

Google picasa 3 :

A free tool for editing images, with high quality production. Download here. I’m not going in depth for explaining it but some really awesome features we touch. Photo processing option with latest editing and direct sharing preferences are extremely good. After setting photos if you are satisfied then directly upload to picas web album. Tons of images we save here for any purpose.

How to add:

After installing this application start it and follow these steps for inserting WM.

Settings for adding watermark
  • 1. Go to Export option as indicated in screen short.
  • 2. Then Check mark add watermark setting.
  • 3. Write what do you want. 

In writing field it is suggested that point out something about image & author. Inserting about copyrights is pretty good selection.
Save picture and you are done.


Smaller is better. All these little exercises enhance experience of better surfing of internet. With increasing knowledge! WM is necessary. Online a large number of resources exist regarding this addition. But choice of Google picasa 3 is superb. As time passes if you are using this app then you may find other secrets.  


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Learn how to add Google translator to your blog

As we know about World’s major search engine is Google. It provides us many free tools and gadgets for the sake of facilitating users and readers. Perfect usage of tools on a blog or a website makes it popular for visitors. Also improve performance & credibility. Take live example of translator. Suppose a person from Pakistanvisits the site that is in English language and his English is not very good. Also his remedy is on that website.  If the site owner already places a translator tool for their users then here are two benefits. First one is that specific person translate site’s entire content into desired language. In this way he easily understands each and every thing about what he wants. Second factor is the new random visitor fined this blog is very help full so he permanently convert into your regular user.

Why bloggers use translator:

All these small things are very important. Google translator has capability to convert hundred plus languages into one another. Although its translation is little idiomatic but a person who have some know how he understand the whole theme of the story. Give a modern and awesome look to your blog by adding standard gadgets.
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Get help while writing a post:

People like me who are weak in English. Also many pro bloggers especially belongs to Pakistanthey face this problem when write in English. So this is good news for all of my fellow beings I recommend whether you don’t tackle any word or phrase then refer it to
Google Translator . Here are different options for translating. Like if we want a word or phrase from Urdu language to English translate. Then we set Urdu in first column and English in its targeted or correspondence field & vice versa. There are other options from usage of these you may select other languages. Speaking and listening options are also very helpful for disable users. In short in this small application a lot of useful material and fun exist.

How to Install translator on a Blog:

Go to Blogger dashboard then select form left side menu

  Layout > Add a Gadget
After opening on new window click on Translator.

using google translator

Here you will see other options like horizontal, vertical and drop down. Choose one them which is suitable and according to your blog standard. Finally hit the orange Save button. Bingo you are done. Refresh the page and see your branded new translator. Which is ready for translating site content into targeted language?

fully installed translator on a website and active

Urdu to any other language Translation Special:

There is a special package for Urdu speakers. When we translate Urdu to other targeted language translation then in first box select native language. Small drop down menu in left bottom corner appear from where you select Urdu keyboard. And then start writing your sentence or word. Easy and simple! In this way you feel using this tool incredibly enhance your vocabulary. So start using, playing and get rich your mind.


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Automatically share blogger posts on Google Plus profile

Every one needs visitors or more traffic on his site. Because rush of traffic increase clicks and impressions on site as a result quickly revenue will be shoot. In today tutorial we learn how easily integrate Google plus profile with our blog.

Benefits of sharing with G +:

First of all when a profile linked with blog then it identified and authorship will be verified with that specific owner. After sharing a post it automatically re share on our Google plus profile. In this way more readers are coming. Suppose my blog is attach with my G+ Profile. Let us take an example here if I share a post regarding latest android mobile features and it applications when it will be updated on profile then its possible many interested readers engage. If they like then passing comments! That’s our requirement.

How to connect blog with Google plus:

Go to blogger dashboard and click on Google + icon from left sidebar. Now check mark on these three radio buttons.
1. Automatically share post
2. Prompt to share
3. Use G plus comments.

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                Understand the Blog Stats.

link profile with google plus profile
And you have done now check it and right a demo post & publish it. A dialogue box appears with your Google plus profile.



Comprehensive list of all Google Services

As we know Google is one of major search engine in the world. Also provides many services for their users free of cost.  Today we decide to detect the entire Google services. Also how we get benefit from using it. One Gmail account & all access.

Complete List:

Complete list of google products and services.Google. (Search Engine.)
Gmail. (Mailing Facility)
Maps. (World Map search.)
Feed burner. (Rss service.)
Google Earth.(Thoroughly mapping.) Adwords. (For Advertisers.)
Analytics. (Tracking your Website online.)
Adsense.(Ads Service.)
Trends. (Newly Explore Search)
Drive. (Online data save)
Fusion. (Create and collaborate.)
Calendar. (Managing Time table.)
Blogger. (Your online Diary.)
Chrome web store. (Apps for Pc.)
Apps on Play store. (For Mac.)
Authenticator. (Application.)
Docs. (Live Documents.)
Api. (Developers.)
Alerts. (Reminders.)
News. (What’s Hot in the World.)
Scholar. (Search included theses, books etc.)
Enterprise. (Apps for Business.)
Webmaster Tools. (Comprehensive guidance for web developers.)
Translator. (Translate your own language in more then 50 plus.)
You tube. (your video store.)
Research. (Make research in many categories.)
Tv. (G television.)
Toolbar. (For simplicity.)
Orkut. (Social.)
G plus.(Social network.)
Finance. (Budgets.)
Health. (Live Well.)
I Google.  (Search.)
Latitude. (track your position.)
Logo. (Logo maker.)
Local. (Monitor your business on Google.)
Fonts. (Play with all types.)
Emplopyes. (For Servings.)
Web history. (Online see your searches.)