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Online vs. Traditional work what are the differences.

Online work you may note this word or listen it at many platforms. So let me explain it with full detailed. This is the age of science and technology. Every one knows the importance of new invented technology. On one hand where new advancement came into being similarly while on the other side trend of online work increases with the passage of time. First of all we make a little comparison between online and traditional work for the sake of better & brief understanding. Where as every one who reads this tutorial will easily comprehend. So let’s get start.

What is Online Work:

In simple words the work which don’t require any physical place or presence called online work. Or with the use of latest technology form anywhere not only from home if you earn revenue then could be an online business. In this time there is no limitation of this category of job. You may sell your info and digital products or offering services regarding any type then you fall in online work sphere. Successful online people first develop the skills then they get benefit from it. Now take a short review of second class job.

Online and traditional work difference

Traditional Work:

A specified place of work practically required for the sake of traditional work. Your office job, a super store and all those type of works that done by our Father; Forefather is including in traditional work. In this type you do marketing of your physical products etc.

More about Online Work:

It has been observed since last couple of years the trend of online work especially in youngsters has been boost up. They left their traditional business and move to online. Millions of resources available for those people who want to work online. But there is need of healthy skills, passion, and knowledge. Another type of this work is called Network Marketing Business.

Online Work Types:

For the sake of taking a good start in online work here are some recommendations with category of work. It is highly suggested to all of first analyze you briefly. And then make decision which job is suitable for you. Let me expand it more clearly. A man who interest and love to writing content then it is compulsory for that he join as Freelancer. Like Odesk, Elance etc. People who likes to make videos they make their own channels and share their knowledge with all. Similarly applications developing person join their relative field and sell their services. If you follow these simple steps then you probably succeed.

Bonus Tip:
Before starting any type of work it is a good habit to take advice from professionals. And choose the suitable type of work for you.


Earning Money Online

Earning money online 5 + solid reasons

solid reasons of making money online
Trillions of dollars earning by people from Internet since its start. With use of unlimited resources! On daily basis infinite transactions made by net users all across the World for their purposes. Internet is the future media and very huge industry that covers a large number of aspects. People are now left their traditional ways of earning money online and moving towards the internet for finding reliable, easy and more vital resources. The question arises here what is the reason behind this factor? Why internet change the way of thinking of people regarding this issue. And is it possible we make a good income from our home with using of internet. These are some quires that still exist in mostly net users. We try to produce some fundamental explanation on this hot topic.

An office job review:

First of all take a review of an office worker. A man who does a normal office job for the sake of fulfilling their needs he is not happy today. The reason is very clear he spends at least thirteen to fourteen hours a day in his office and at the end of the month or weak a fixed salary paid to him. In this age as we see all around the World a storm of cost expenditures is arose. As a result expenditures increase from fixed income.  So in order to establishing a balance between expenses and earning people find some part time jobs. As an end result they diverted to side of Internet for earning money.

You are your own boss:

As I discussed above about an office job so compare that with a free net user. In office a man is bounded & he must follow all rules and regulations that he accept at the time of joining. Such that consideration of arrival and relieving strictly time schedule. Only one rest in whole week in short he surrenders his whole joy of life to complete their boss dreams with replacing of taking some monthly money. He has no hold upon his life. While on the other hand a man who uses Internet for earning money online he is free from all these type of factors. He is their own boss no accountability before anyone. Every thing depends upon his mode. If he wants to work then he do if not then nobody can take action upon him. Nobody can investigate him. Totally free and spending his life with his set of laws. Undersized with “My life my rules”.

Enhancing knowledge:

Another positive aspect regarding earning money online is we learn huge form Internet. With glowing of English reading, writing and speaking skills especially for those who are weak in English. Besides this Internet is an ocean of knowledge if use properly. Nothing is impossible in this world totally you have a purist for achievement. This is a laboratory i.e. people come here with no preparation or tools and seek from here then apply in this laboratory. He gains more and comes forward with a huge amount of money.

World wide access:

With the growing internet technology I think at this time there is no such region on earth where net is unreachable. This property make it’s better in sense of earning money online because it dose not matter where are you. Even if my online business setup is at one corner of earth then I easily manage it from other corner with internet access. So there is no such restriction in earning money online. You can not blame on any other person regarding failure in online business. If you face any disappointment then you are the reason of that breakdown.

Prevention from financial crisis:

Earning money online is a good way to prevention from financially crisis. Although this climate of financial issue is now all around the world but we has a remedy of making money form internet. Also at this time where limited government jobs on the other hand ratio of poor people increase continuously! So in this time of danger and escaping from this swamp it is a good idea to earn some money online.

Unlimited resources:

At Internet there are hundred of ways for earning money online. But it is recommended that if you not aware then first keep your focus on seeking then come in field. Alternatively consider if I have a good knowledge of website designing and developing then I earn from here a handsome amount. Similarly you choose freelancing, network marketing, and other thousand of genuine ways for making revenue. Even you can join more then one resources of earning at same time if you have capability.


Conclusion of above post is earning money online now is a way of complete freedom. You are totally depending on yourself. It is a way of learning modern technologies. No one can snatch your skills and knowledge. Allah Almighty gave different skills to every person. But need is to find them and polish them. So this is the time to analyze yourself and use your capabilities in right path. 


Blogging, Earning Money Online

Make money blogging in easy steps

Making money online now is a trend. It increases with time. No doubt modern technology makes it very easy but it is effective when we know reliable methods of earning. Blogging is that smooth way which allows to generating handsome revenue. A number of people know very well blogsphere but still immeasurable community exist who fail to earn with blog. In simple words we can say that they don’t know how to start this journey in order to gaining healthy success. Although make money with blogging is a slowly system but its worth is gigantic. If you succeed in maintaining a good outstanding blog then trust me you don’t need to any other job. However sustaining an exceptional website is not the bed of roses it demands hard working, continuity with reading & writing skills and enough knowledge about a specific topic.

Things to do before starting:

Whenever you think about starting a blog it is necessary that you have sufficient qualified in a subject. It doesn’t matter what is your field like expert in computer programming, web developing & designing and hardware or software. Adequate awareness about SEO in shorts any thing. It is your choice. More over for taking decision analyze yourself then you can able to select your relative area of interest. After all pick a well platform. Blogspot or WordPress are fulfilling all of your requirements concerning this matter. Provide good high quality stuff and build huge traffic. Now move on monetizing the blog.

How to earn with my blog:

At this time almost every popular website on the internet offering their affiliating programs. But wait let me tell you reliability is our purpose and focus at the time of participation. Trust is another tool which you can use while thinking about making money online with blogging. Alternatively offering your services like website developing & designing is another best method for create a good income. If you expert.

Most wanted methods of earning:

You may hear about Google Adsense, of earning. First of all Adsense is most reliable and top level source of producing sufficient cash. Keeping in mind its all Terms and conditions. As we know that this is free program but establishing a blog according to adsense is not an easy subject. Although it is tough but not impossible! Continuous struggle with taste of hard working you can achieve this goal. This is one of highest paying networks on the internet. Also making money with Buy Sell ads and Infolinks. These are top level ways. Making moneywith Infolinks is another good way. Alternative of Adsense is called Buy Sell Ads. People make hundred of dollars on daily basis with all these main methods.
Dependency of these major three programs on traffic! Especially adsense requires quality traffic.

Offering Services:

Another vital way to earning with blogging is called services. What are services? In simple we can say that work for other people like making templates, themes work of websites developing if you know then you can earn. Alternatively writing, translating and other unlimited works you can do for the sake of earn a fit income. Making video tutorials and sell them on your site if you have skills like HTML, Css and other computer languages. Create small applications and earn from them. In short many ways are available but need to avail them and get proper legal benefit.

making money online with blogging


Earning Money Online

Get success at Odesk freelancing platform 3 Guru tips

Getting success at Odesk top ways
A number of freelancer platforms available at internet. But Odesk is favorite places for freelancers. Who have to love online at any IT field like web designing, development or writing qualified in writing posts and other relative unlimited subjects? Making a profile is one of easiest job but further steps and getting success are not straightforward as people think. It takes a lot of time, devotion plus regularity from your side. Adding the taste of hard working is not allowed. If you have well experienced in any virtual subject then it is ok. Here are some points for adopting these key features you will get standardized revenue.

Making a good profile:

Many professionals are agreed on this point “That first impression is last impression”. Philosophy behind a nice profile is very vast. Consider a freelancer at Odesk who has a good attractive profile with all of his previous projects attached. His bio is limited but explains all about his field. Nice professional profile photo. All these things are considering at these types of platforms and increase chances to get a job. On the other hand a man who has a simple profile with unprincipled photo. No specified area of his work defined his standard will decrease as compared to first freelancer. People who posted jobs they filter unqualified persons and find perfect entitle worker. So it is necessary to get success at Odesk or at any other freelancing platform make a healthy and proficient profile.

Verify your Profile:

It is very compulsory to verify a profile. After signing up email confirmation is regular. But here you need to verify your ID card or any other legal document. Identified profile is a key to getting more jobs. After uploading relative documents in limited time it will identify you. So while adding address it is recommended provide real address in order to prevent from any later nuisance. Alternatively if you unable to validate your identity you may go down.

Take Odesk tests:

Odesk tests are one vital key that gives you chances to increase your job quota. First learn then earn. Take again and again tests it is a way that complete your profile from 60% to 100%. During test focus on question strategy! Pass Odesk readiness test first then go for further your job related tests. You may find these all categories from here.


Earning Money Online

Downtr file sharing service for downloading files

downtr a service for hosting files
File sharing is a constant way to earning money online. It requires only essential knowledge about uploading files and placing there link on other services like downtr. Previously we have discussed in detailed process of making revenue with file sharing services like Rapidgator. People are more interesting to knowing about other resources for files hosting services. After upload a filesuccessfully at rapidgator the next step is spreading his link whether it is dat, txt, pdf or any other format. For this purpose heroturko and tinydl are good but we need something extra. Many professionals use these platforms for promoting their website online. They write eBooks about relative topics of their current niche and start sharing with premium membership. Plus production of knowledge base videos on any topic i.e. proper use of a software application with training demos. In this way at one side where owners generating enough money on the other hand those consumers who taking such material they learn from it. As a result a parallel connection established between them.

Why people use sharing stuff:

In simple we can say for the sake of helping others creating potential income with less experience is basic idea. In reality a lot of software which are very expensive those are not in our range for purchasing. By usage of file sharing communities we can get almost every thing that need.

How to use downtr:

Downtr is a service where a person who upload a file at rapidgator place the link for downloading purpose. First create a good account. After that pick download link from your host. Write suitable description of file and effective image. A person who is interested able to grab file from here that is placed on other server! Unique download is the cause of money for owners.

Standard and premium:

Another term used on these platforms called standard and premium membership. To understand difference between these to phrases lets take an example. A person who use standard version & second is subscriber of premium. When a customer start downloading file standard link may take more time according to file memory! Alternatively premium user facilitate with big size downloading in seconds with out stop or broking link. Owner of the account can upgrade his account from normal to premium and user get benefit.
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How to facilitate users:

Standard and premium play a healthy role to converting one time customer as a loyal visitor. Because when file take less time while grabbing then more files will be taken & user will be happy. More downloading engaging of users means bunch of money.


Earning Money Online

odesk and freelancing method for earning online

earning by freelancing like odesk
With the passage of time people are converting to earning money online rather then traditional ways. Behind this conversion there are some solid reasons. Internet is a free source of income in this century if you know about the entire process. Although it is not an easy task to finding such immense and vital resources due to negative activities & usage of black hat techniques! But today we will reveal top freelancing healthy method for the sake of generating handsome revenue from Odesk. If you know about information technology, like Web development, SEO, writing contents, usage of software even any thing you know this system is for all of you. Just give some time like one or two hours a day and make huge amount.

Why people prefer freelancing:

I place that factor here which are more responsible for freelancing like job at odesk. First of all let talk most common reason is this is at no cost way. You are the boss of your own business. Freedom is second factor. Any time, at any place no matter where are you! Only require a good internet and skills for working purpose. With out following tough timing schedule like job! Besides this with freelancing they offer attracting & high paying revenue for hours. So that’s why a huge no of people choose jobs at home business like Odesk and make money.


Totally free service for freelancers who are ready to work. At here almost every type of work offering! There are two kinds one who offer and second is client who register as a freelancer. No doubt Odesk is a great place for online consumers. Process of working as follow! In order to understand in more simple way consider I want a content writer who write post for my blogger & I post this job at Odesk with suitable pay. On the other hand you are a service provider and expert in SEO optimized writing at any topic.
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How to work from odesk:

As I mention in starting odesk is that source which provide much in less time according to man’s efforts. The process of working from here is very simple. Just sign up and set nice profile. Then verify identity. Another excellent thing I note at this platform they provide a large quantity of skills for test. As long as a person pass tests his rating of profile completes up to hundred percent. If profile at odesk reaches at 100 percent then chances will increase in working field.
Every one who see my posted job in a certain category then they send me applications. I will choose best worker for my work and awarded this job. It is very save and highly secured platform with zero chances of spammers. In this way without spending a penny people earn hundred of dollars from here because it is free.


Earning Money Online

How much I earn with rapidgator file sharing system part 3

As previously we discussed in detail about earning through file sharing. I hope all of you guys understand the procedure of this system. Using Rapidgator there are other ways to increase earning online except file sharing. This platform gives you the chance of enhancing potential in few days.

Partners in Affiliate program:

May be you hear about affiliate programs. This is the unique way to boost revenue. In this way some options we use like promo banners, and referral program. Same as adsense. You copy the code of banner from huge available variety & if you have a blog or website place copied code on your blog. Visitors click on these banners and when sign up or purchase something you earn money according to terms & conditions of Rapidgator. Using referral program when user joins through your link then 10% of his profit will be shared with you. Register and confirm your website and start earning.

File sharing Pay per download statistics:

Rapidgator is a vital and secure system among the competitors. With maximum revenue plus fast web and Filezilla client uploading facilities! Strict and instantly payment options. Below is the infographic of pay per downloads. Which clearly tells the amount of earning money with file size and country category.

pay per download sale

Payment settings:

Minimum payout is 15$$ on Rapidgator. Earning will be handed over to customers on weekly basis and every Thursday. Via Webmoney you may receive your commission if you reach at selected threshold frequency.