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Social Media, a term that defines most of us, its our way of meeting new people, getting in touch with the old ones and what can you say our package of entertainment. When you talk about a topic as deep as social media, you find yourself in a undefined space, in serious doubts about where to start from.

  The right thing would be talking over the emergence of social media, its growth and how has it influenced us. If I were to ask you what do you do when you are sitting in a bus, going to an event with your parents where you know no one or when you are just sitting idle, your answer would be either facebook or twitter or instagram maybe. That’s where our lives have ended up now and honestly its not that bad, they are the ultimate source of entertainment.
The emergence and growth of social media
Though websites such as facebook, twitter were launched about 10 years ago but there real influence if you talk about the whole world cam in around 2011-12 when people started crawling towards these sites. Why? You ask, well its very simple, when you are bored you look for something and you can find all the celebrities, humor and even your friends at these platforms without even calling them or visiting them. Quite fascinating it is, the concept of social media, getting all of our friends together on a single platform, and hence we stop communicating like for real, accept it you don’t go out or call your friends or relatives the way you used to about 5 years ago. Everything has its pros and cons but its for you to decide, anyway moving on to the business part, this is where it gets interesting research shows that social media has taken up most of the advertisement, companies just create accounts run ads and Volaa!! There you see your potential customer a click away. As time grows it might be possible we get bored out of this stuff or maybe they roll out something that’ll keep us interested.
The influence of social media
Let’s be honest what do you use facebook for, chatting with friends use it to show people what you are up to, “Chillin out with my buddies in paris” Ha!! What was that? You just upload a pic to tell people you did this and you want their comments on that, cool enough eh!! You watch videos you laugh and you have fun, something extraordinary Mr. Mark Zuckerberg did.
What about twitter? Let’s be honest you use it to get in touch with celebrities, or to become one yourself by getting followers quite a concept that too, where most of the celebrities/athletes/entrepreneurs are active and they even respond (yeah!! Not to everyone).
Snapchat/instagram? You upload pictures show them to the world and laugh about hem, this social media thing is really funny right? Anyways what you don’t see is that the more you get addicted to these the more you lose yourself as the real person, my advice go out, travel, eat have fun, life was never meant to be this way, Pictures won’t give you the beauty of visiting a place and seeing it by your own eyes, just keep that phone aside and feel the cold breeze for once, you will know what I mean.
Time to wrap it up folks; thanks for giving this article a read.
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Vinod Kardam is a tech savvy person; he likes writing about tech and social life related stuff. His opinions on certain things are to the point and he finds it quite amusing the way people are influenced by social media and news. He loves to share Amazon offers so that everyone enjoy getting discounts.

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