Facebook Legacy contact Feature How to add and setup

Facebook has for a long time now been a place where we share and connect with family and friends. Now with the Facebook legacy contact feature it has also evolved into a place where we remember and honor those we have lost. This feature allows a person’s Facebook account to become a memorial of their life once they pass away. The Facebook Legacy contact feature allows a family member or a friend to manage their account once they pass away.

complete guide of  Legacy contact Feature

What the feature can do

Once a Facebook account user passes away the family member or friend chosen to manage the account in their absence will notify Facebook of the passing and the legacy contact will do the following;
  • The Facebook account will be memorialised.
  • A message to fir instance, announce a memorial service will be posted at the top of the memorialised timeline.
  • It will also respond to a few friends and family members who were not yet connected on Facebook.
  • It will also update the profile picture and cover photo

If you choose to, you can give the legacy contact permission to download photos and profile information that you once shared on Facebook. Other settings of the Facebook legacy contact feature will remain the same and the person appointed as the legacy will be able to log into the Facebook account as the person who passed away and even be able to see the person’s private messages.

How to set up the Facebook Legacy Contact Feature

To set up the legacy feature, visit the setting page. Open security and then Legacy contact located at the bottom of the page. The feature will give you the option to send a message to the person you have chosen as your legacy contact.
You will also get the chance to give your legacy contact the permission to download all your posts, photos and other profile information that you have shared on Facebook. Facebook also provides you with redesigned memorialised profiles that are meant to pay tribute to the deceased by adding the word “remembering” above their name and making it easy for the person they have chosen as their contact to pin a post at the top of the timeline.

Available in the US

The Facebook Legacy Contact feature is only available in the US for now. If you don’t live in the USand like what this feature can do, don’t worry, it will be available to the rest of the world as soon as Facebook is done with testing and is sure that it is well accepted.
It is important to note that the legacy contact is completely optional and it will be used if the deceased person had set it up and chosen a legacy contact. Facebook continues to come up with these feature upgrades and improvements that can sometimes be helpful and worth checking out. It is just a matter of time to see how the Facebook legacy contact feature is received.

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