How to save your personal pictures from unfair use

Every one loves with their personal photos. It is a natural phenomenon. Some people take strict care of their privacy including their pictures; with other secret things which I don’t mention here (you may understand them). In this age of technology we store our personal data in our mobile phone memory cards or in pc hard drive. There is no chance of any loss in these places all of our data especially personal snaps are in our secrecy. But where problem exist or what I mean with unfair use here. Every thing will be fine till then your PC & Cell phone will remain in your custody. As long as you lost or resale them then this illegal use starts from there. Let’s go in depth and understand this tricky seen with detailed.

Unfair use of Personal Pics:

We follow the simple way of just Deleting our data and then empty Recycle bin. We think that our work ends there. And no chance to getting this erased data from Recycle bin. But you are totally wrong in fact this is not your fault because you don’t know about the retrieval process of data. Let me explain the whole story. When we delete all data including personal pictures from recycle bin then all information still remain on hard disk. People use hard drive data recovery software for the collecting already deleted data. A large number of hard drive data recovery software with great coverage and accuracy are available on the internet.

How to recover deleted pictures:

A simple user of computer may don’t know about this term but professionals are familiar with this. And they know how to use it for the sake of recovering erased data especially taking other’s privacy including their personal pictures. So be aware from such type of pirates who recuperate all above mention material with perfect experience.

How can I save my personal snaps from immoral use:

May be there will still other ways are available regarding this series issue. But the ways that I will tell you are authentic and reliable. You can use these three ways for the sake of destroying your personal pictures forever. And don’t give any chance for their retrieval. So keep reading with full focus and learn.

1. Open image file with text editor:

As you know that we generally open a .png, jpeg or gif images files even our personal photos with Windows photo viewer application. But regarding full buried and demolishes a picture you follow these steps.

  • Right click with your mouse cursor on your selected image  >  choose open with preference.
  • Now select text editor from other program menu and open this picture.
  • Or simply edit with Note pad + + if you installed.
  • When file will be open you see don’t understand able coding in text editor.
  • Now press Ctrl + A and select whole the coding.
  • Finally press Ctrl + S for saving it.
  • After you save then you see your picture will be disappear with window photo viewer icon. 
  • Now you easily delete it.

open image file with note pad


Now try to open this file you will unable to open it. Window photo viewer gives this message to you instead opening this file. “Window photo viewer is unable to open this file.”
Hoooray you successfully done it!!!
And you save your file from unfair using.

2. File formatting system:

While formatting a drive first format it with NTFS and then Format with Fat 32. This is another way to prevent your deleted data. And that won’t be recovered later.

3. Replacing Pictures:

Another strong way to deal with this problem is replacing your personal images or photos with wallpapers, or other dull photos. Because the replaced data don’t be recover whether you use high quality standard data recovery tools.

Final words:

These were three ways to saving you and your loved ones from upcoming any nuisance.
I hope you may learn and you will spread this precious information among your friends, and followers. So help others with sharing new branded solid information.

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