Search engine optimization what is it

Search engine optimization is a technique to bring a web page in top search results by using legal, ethical and right ways. At this time we can say that SEO is a wide separate field on the Internet as compare to past. With the passage of time chances are exist it will improve and more developed. For web developers it is basic need to understand fundamentals of this terminology for the sake of survival in leading industry of internet. More knowledge of it is a good sign for web owners in order to remaining at top level SERPs. There is no doubt that internet will bee the future media. There is no other process that we use instead of this for getting higher rank in search engines results. Search engine optimization is not a one night scheme that we implement once in a life and that’s it. It is a slow process but its effects are life time if applied according to rules and regulations of major search engines like Google and Bing etc.

How to start SEO:

Search engine optimization starts before making a web page. Let understand its facts by a simple example consider I want to make a site about blogging. First lesson of Search engine optimization is selection of a well known topic. Also it is necessary that you have sufficient information about your chosen subject. Then my work starts now. I will collect all related data about my domain i.e. (bogging). After completion first step of SEO it is the time of launching my site and start my on page work. A famous quote you may hear “First you learn then you earn”. Similar case here a person who learn it from root to top level then he earn more such that awareness of backlinks, dofollow, images & videos site structure, theme, appearance what is nofollow? And many other terms that we use in this field.

Factors and basics:

As I mention in above that search engine optimization is now a separate course and field in search engine language. There are two main factors in SEO. On page & off page whole structure of SEO stands on these two pillars. So if pillars will strong then entire building tremendously powerful. Alternatively one day everything will be crashed. How we can well-built our strategy then the answer is easy only learning and implementation.

search engine optimization technology

How seo is useful:

When a user enters his query in search bar and press enter then in results web pages that are displaying except SEM is due to Vital search engine optimization approach. Search engine marketing (SEM) is another way to bringing your content at first in SERPs. But it is short term, paid and less effective process. So it is recommended that in order to getting healthy knowledge about SEO we use genuine & white hat techniques. If we obey all rules regarding search engines and getting higher rank i.e. at first page in SERPs this is the worth of search engine optimization. SEO is not a stick of magic which will automatically apply by rotating this magical stick. Whereas it is a manual and long term process that is done by a web developer. Its benefits are long time and forever. Such as if I bring my site at first page of Google & bing search results then the profit which I earn is much higher then your thoughts.

Final summary:

As a beginner many new people who start their online career they don’t take care of search engine optimization. In other words they ignore it and feel it is a time consuming, wasteful and difficult work. But reality is not tells a lie and in real this is an interesting job. And it explores new way of learning advance techniques plus implementation and get results. Final thing is pay more attention. 


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