3 ways to add stumbleupon button in blogger

Stumbleupon is one of the major social book marking network. For smoothly growth in the world of internet now it is necessary to be social. More social people who have fans in thousand and millions they establish a standard on web. Professionals use all of these resources for sake of gaining huge traffic. Pay special attention on main social sharing networks as a result it returns backlinks, real and qualified traffic and much more on you earn. On the other hand these resources give quality visitors and readers for websites. At this time we need excellence with more communal for perfect reputation. Also traffic coming from these networks i.e. stumbleupon took a unique weight in search engine eyes. So why we lost all benefits in free.

1. Stumble upon sidebar button:

In order to making more facilitation for users in a particular blog/site add variety of  standard sharing buttonsincluding Facebook badges, Twitter follow us button , Google plus and stumble upon. Basically stumble upon is a way to recommend or oppose and sharing author’s written material with people. Consider if a user who has healthy reputation on SU he reads your content on your blog and share it via SU button. His activity gives you a flood of quality traffic more new subscribers and worth. Adding Stumbleupon button in blogger sidebar is very easy job. 

how to add stumbleupon buttons and badges in blogger

  • i. Just go to Stumble upon tools section and choose favorite badge from here. Such as right or left sided bubble counting style. It is upon you but select badge according to template of your blog. 
  • ii. Now from grab it section copy the entire code. 
  • iii. Finally go to blogger Dashboard.> Layout > add a gadget > HTML Java script.

Paste the code here and leave title blank or write anything suitable. Save the new added gadgetby pressing orange save button. Reload the blogger page and you will see a new version of stumble upon button is now in action. Bingo you are done. Now move for next two ways of adding stumbleupon.

2. Adding into header of blogger post:

Many time while reading articles on sites you may see social sharing buttons below the post title and just at begging the post content. Here we add stumbleupon button now. So select appropriate button and repeat above discussed process till then copy of coding. After copying whole code now follow instructions.

  • Go to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Click anywhere in source page coding an indicator will appear now press ctrl+f  a small search box will show write this piece of code in this box


hit enter.

  • First occurrence ignore again press enter. At the second appearance yes this is our demand. 
  • Just above it paste already copied coding and save Template by pushing orange button. 

Write a new post and share it. Now you will see your button is now live at the start of blogger post content below the post title. You are done.
Most Common:

                          Customized twitter buttons in blog
                          Twitter button series 

3. How to add below each post:

A number of bloggers prefer to use sharing buttons below every post. So don’t need to worry about how to add stumbleupon button below posts. I am here to share with you inserting this badge below post.
Follow upper discussed process. And copy fitting coding. Again go till then first three reputations of


using above mention techniques. After fourth occurrence just below it paste the code save HTML and refresh the page. All is done.

Need help:

Above discussed tutorial is simple. However in order to don’t tackle yourself or not understand able due to complex coding of your blog then let me know in commenting section. We really willing to help all of you. 

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