Moving a blog changing admin email address how to do

Blogger is very broad platform with a lot of customization. It is necessary to need basic settings for better experience. At the time of creation of blog we need a Gmail for sign up its called admin email address. Your blog even every Google service is associated with same mail. Professional bloggers heir special SEO optimized content writer for their posts or sometimes we feel to move a blog between two people. Then we use this tool for customization. Making these changes a blog divide and these two members get access on one blog.

Why to change email address:

Sometimes we need to move a blog. Let’s suppose when adding other admin which could be a web developer, SEO expert or designer for the sake of making suitable changes and enhancement of a blog. Professional bloggers keeps a back up mail in case of lost one address so use second mailing address. Also at the time of giving access to another author or any other case! Then we need to change email address.

Find blogger admin:

First thing is locating blogger organizer. Then go to blogger dashboard > settings > Permissions > add an author.

adding author or admin in blogger
Here we see +add author link that means we can move our blog between two email address. Add mail address what you want. A confirmation message will be forwarded to other person. As long he will confirm he will add with your blogger account. Also you change your mail address from here.

Permissions and limitations of author & admin:

There is a difference between an author & organizer of a blogger account. Admin is the owner and he has fully control where as an author has limited authority. He has only access on blogger post writing, publish a pot etc. He is not able to see or approach other settings and features of blogger. Any time from any where you too be able to maintaining same blog. Although your blog will be divide between you to. But other element remains hidden from author.

How to change settings:

While changing email address a drop down menu will tell you that can you add this person as a admin or author. It is upon you to choose according to your need. We can also customize these settings after adding. Also we can remove or change these settings from our blog using right cross button.

Forget a password or lost a blog:

There are  two ways of retrieval of a blog in case of forgetting blog address or mailing address. Just Follow this link forgot user name or password. Here are two options. First is recovery through URL if you remember then revival your blog by using this method. Alternatively second choice is repossession via Gmail. Enter email address and recover.

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