Downtr file sharing service for downloading files

downtr a service for hosting files
File sharing is a constant way to earning money online. It requires only essential knowledge about uploading files and placing there link on other services like downtr. Previously we have discussed in detailed process of making revenue with file sharing services like Rapidgator. People are more interesting to knowing about other resources for files hosting services. After upload a filesuccessfully at rapidgator the next step is spreading his link whether it is dat, txt, pdf or any other format. For this purpose heroturko and tinydl are good but we need something extra. Many professionals use these platforms for promoting their website online. They write eBooks about relative topics of their current niche and start sharing with premium membership. Plus production of knowledge base videos on any topic i.e. proper use of a software application with training demos. In this way at one side where owners generating enough money on the other hand those consumers who taking such material they learn from it. As a result a parallel connection established between them.

Why people use sharing stuff:

In simple we can say for the sake of helping others creating potential income with less experience is basic idea. In reality a lot of software which are very expensive those are not in our range for purchasing. By usage of file sharing communities we can get almost every thing that need.

How to use downtr:

Downtr is a service where a person who upload a file at rapidgator place the link for downloading purpose. First create a good account. After that pick download link from your host. Write suitable description of file and effective image. A person who is interested able to grab file from here that is placed on other server! Unique download is the cause of money for owners.

Standard and premium:

Another term used on these platforms called standard and premium membership. To understand difference between these to phrases lets take an example. A person who use standard version & second is subscriber of premium. When a customer start downloading file standard link may take more time according to file memory! Alternatively premium user facilitate with big size downloading in seconds with out stop or broking link. Owner of the account can upgrade his account from normal to premium and user get benefit.
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How to facilitate users:

Standard and premium play a healthy role to converting one time customer as a loyal visitor. Because when file take less time while grabbing then more files will be taken & user will be happy. More downloading engaging of users means bunch of money.

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