How to use and install Alexa Google chrome extension

alexa a web information company

 We know that Alexa is a web information provider website. Many people who know about it they install this application for getting a quick review about any site on Internet. Especially professionals, bloggers and website owners take benefit from this. Although in our introductory topic of alexa we provide essential knowledge about this company. In today’s session you will learn why to use alexa chrome extension? What are the main features of it also about reliable benefits? It informs the user in simple way. It will provide better resources & increase your experience with great tools.

The purpose of Alexa extension:

Main aim to install this application in chrome or Firefox to determine the ranking, reputation and traffic analysis quickly. This tool gives suitable awareness about any type of site live & the plus point here you will know every thing in milli seconds. Every time when search completes then with results you may see a bar with indication of blue mark. It tells website ranking all over the world. If the blue mark will be greater then it means site reputation is huge if less then it’s clear the status is in reduction state. More over users visits those links which are higher in ranking.

                                             On the other hand specific site when visits in the form of ( then after complete loading you may see the installed alexa extension will prompt. At this stage if we click on this icon then valuable things you may note. It indicates the following parameters.

  • Traffic rank around world wide!
  • Same rank in a specific country i.e. if I am in Pakistan then accordingly my country data.
  • Total number of links site has.
  • Related links and average performance etc. 

This fast assessment inform the user with vital guidance.

alexa tool bar information about sites

Install Alexa chrome extension:

It is very easy and simple just cutting an apple. There are two ways to integrate your ext in seconds. Just go to Alexa Toolbar  and click on Install it will start downloading and installation will be complete automatically then enable extension. Now you are done. Get more trustworthy results and enjoy.

                           Also you may directly install it from Google store hit free blue button same process as discussed above will repeat. Done now you are able to use new branded application!


It is recommended that care your system especially while surfing Internet. Because with the increasing threats of phishing, scamming, and spamming may harm you in any aspect! Use such applications reduce all these risks and you feel safe.

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