How to increase alexa website traffic rank +widget

enhance website traffic rank

Alexa is a web information company from Amazon. Which provides knowledge about sites on the internet by using its algorithm? This is the time to know about latest development in search engine optimization. With respect to SEO this site may help you in right dimension. Checking randomly your own site statistics from Alexa! It determines which part of site need to improvement for pick up better results in search engine. Also enhance stability of site in searches with legal & permissible manner. Such as your global ranking, links in, and specific set country status. As we mention these all terminologies in our already published post of

installation of Alexa extension in Google Chrome. So here skip these steps. It is recommended first check that post. Now roll on.

Installation of Alexa toolbar:

This website notes impressions and clicks when a visitor landing on Alexa by using your toolbar. It also increases site ranking. Your first step to create an account or sign up then make a custom toolbar hit green button by giving all of your pages like Facebook, Twitter, Home page and search links. Plus RSS feed button. When happy with toolbar take a preview after looking good then hit the publish button.

alexa toolbar demo

Alternatively try to (download TcM toolbar)  directly. Install it to your browser and feel a new glance while surfing Internet. On the other hand you may easily configure Tcm toolbar by hitting this icon.

Get our toolbar!

Install it and start using with less risk & full confidence. This feature will surely help you in boosting your site traffic and ranking in search engine eye. For further assistance you may go on  Alexa FAQS.

Addition of Widgets:

Another great way to amplifying the site is add widgets by using this link go to widgets section. Three types of gadgets are available there. 

  • Site status button.
  • Traffic rank button for site owners.
  • Graphical representation of website data. 

Select any one then insert desired address in address bar then hit the orange bild widget button. Select javascript code which you want now follow these instructions.
Go to blogger dashboard > Layout > Add a gadget > HTML Java script.
Paste code here don’t tackle then read this tutorial first how to add blogger gadgets then implement. After that hit save button! Refresh page now you are Ok.
Alternatively there is another option also exist. Use logo in order to linking or referring to alexa!

Bonus Tip:

Write at least one healthy post about alexa and publish it on your website or blogger. Then changes will you see & feel.

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