How to remove and edit facebook apps from your profile

removing facebook application
Facebook is one of the most growing social network of this century. Every one knows about it. A couple of day’s tenth anniversary of this network has been celebrated by its owner. This is best place for seeking new things because we use fan pages and groups here. Another great way to acquiring knowledge is use facebook apps. A large number of applications are integrated with this network. Even if you have an fb account you can make your own similar invention. Share this with friends & family. Today we discuss about app feature of fb as earlier I discuss most popular birthday extension.

Editing system:

On main page at left side you may see your extensions, groups, friends etc. If we place cursor on a specific function then two effects take place at the same time. For example in the screenshort cursor is on Games feature. Then two links appear.

how to edit facebook apps

1. More option which is visible clearly.

We can edit any them from two ways. If you wish to see all features then you may click on number one “More” preference. A new window will be open with all of your stuff.

2. A small pen type icon show.

Alternatively by pushing this little icon that is behind the app you may edit your application. There are other useful characteristic.

Removing facebook application:

It is upon you to use first or second method for editing. Both are same but 1stprocess open all feature and 2nd is for instantly use. In this tutorial we use More option procedure. As above mention by pressing More link after landing on new page. All apps are able to seen clearly with information of last activity. Now place your cursor on tiny pen edit button & push it. Select remove application. A box will show at here click on blue remove button.

removal process

Bingo you are done.

Custom settings:

If we click on edit settings preference then seen will be different. A pop up box will explain you. By clicking on visibility section a drop down menu tells you to select best selection. Like who can see your stuff friends, family, classmates etc. Set desired and control your facebook application. You may either deselect notifications sender by this. Set custom privacy what you want.

preferences for custom settings


These are some ways to manage apps. If you wish to use a feature of facebook no more delete it or organize it. These all things increase experience of social networking at internet.
Need help:
Tutorial is very easy to understand. We’ll try to make it more sensible with adding images. However if you feel a little bit problem anywhere while editing we will say welcome to you every time.

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