2 new ways to show popular posts gadgets on blogger

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Keeping users engage in blog is the desire of every author. This is not an easy way. How ever making changes in our template we can increase the page views, impressions and clicks on our blog. It is a trick. Also using advertising programs we need these things to enhance for making handsome revenue. Installing popular post widget is a technique to improving all this stuff easily. Besides above discussed features this gadget gives the full access to a reader for exploring trendy and helpful content to read & utilized.

#1. Installation on sidebar:

                                     In first session we add this widget at side bar of a blog. For the sake of implementation let’s roll over. Go to Dashboard of blogger > Layout > Add a gadget. When click on Add a gadget a new window will appear select popular posts from entire category then make suitable changes.

  • In title section give suitable name like “Most wanted” or “Recommended by Tcm” Whatever but given name should be short and descriptive.
  • In most viewed part choose all time button. Show settings leave these two buttons as “un mark”. Because if we mark them then on sidebar posts images and headings will appear! 
  • Finally set display option minimum 10. 
installing on sidebar of website

#2. Adding Popular widget in Footer:

When a user scrolling down and he reaches at bottom of your blog. In other words in the footer section! If you apply this widget here then chances is increase page views credibility. This gives a perfect touch & glance to footer.

Recommended custom settings:

By adopting sidebar setting when you reach at popular post widget to add then do these settings for better results.

  • Give an attractive & appropriate label.
  • Choose all time seen preference.
  • In settings menu check mark these two options. As indicated into screen short! Footer is fit for showing related image thumb nail. With ten posts.

addition of popular post in footer

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