How to add a third party revolver map widget on blog

If you are a owner of a blog/ website. You may know about gadgets and widgets. People focus on making, using and develop it. Every where with the latest technology they are using like in Computer desktop, mobile phones and especially on websites. Most common widgets of desktop are time, date with calendar, photo gallery, weather updates, ram and process statistics. Users save their time, for the sake of clarity and increase attractiveness. Also anther plus point of their applied is to getting information in less time of relative task. Ohhhh…!! Yes all these type of applications provide us correct info.

What is revolver map widget:

Surfing internet you may notice a map of earth with 360 rotation continuously. This called revolver widget. Many third parties offer this widget with instantly settings. But not are reliable due to some certain reasons. We take it with carefully. It is a great gadget for websites/blogs. This map revolves with out ant break with the support of Java script. You can use & integrate it easily similar just cutting a cake. You can customize it in your own way with providing navigation buttons like changing direction, rotation etc.

rotating map demo

Why we Use this Widget:

Not a bad question. But I have solid reasons to defending it. Revolver map gives you live and real data about blogger statistics. It tells the activity of users with providing their exact location. More over you can calculate the visitor’s quantity and see from which country reader comes? Every activity that told by revolver widget is genuine. Also visitors can see their live location and play with it. When any one hits it its speed goes down again touching with mouse speed will be normal. So use it with fun & save actual data.
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How to add revolver map on blogger:

For the sake of live coverage and better understanding of whole story we will recommend you see                                                       (Live-Demo)
 Then go to further process.

Just go to Revolvermaps now follow these instructions.

  • Choose your globe from variety huge variety.
  • Set the dimensions and size in pixels.
  • Wisely pick colours as your template because appearance matter.
  • In advance settings check mark on both boxes also from radio button select HTML version
  • Finally copy provided code by pressing (ctrl+A).
  • Good you have half done.


From the large variety of maps you can select your taste like buttons, flat revolving apps, 2D or 3D versions.
After this step go to blogger dashboard  Settings > Layout > Add a widget.  If not familiar with these settings then check this Make blog beautiful by adding Gadget.
Embed the copied code by selecting HTML & Java script from bloggers widgets list. Hit the orange Save button and refresh the Page.
Bingo you have Done…!!! Enjoy a new look

For help:

If this tutorial is seem difficult or feel don’t tackle at any stage when implementing then ask us we will be feel glad for helping you. 


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