Top 2 awesome ways to capturing screen shorts for websites

If you are a writer, blogger or have any website then for teaching correctly to visitors sometimes we need screen shorts. These small cuts of screen give value to your content also a user can easily understand & pick your views. Most of the professional writers and blogger suggest putting two or three related images in your whole post while using website/blogger platform tutorials. Also you may hear an image’s worth is greater then one thousand written words. In all the above written statement this thing is same as clear bright day that using of perfect pictures is a vital step for your success in Internet community. It gives a new glance to whole post.

Why we use Images:

For better understanding. Some topics are not understandable without inserting proper images step by step. Today’s readers want clarity. Also this is a method to engaging user with topic. Without pictures visitors feel dullness and boring while reading. Plus images are a way of diverting traffic to your site/blog.

Awesome Screen Short Extension:

If you are using Google chrome browser then this is the first option to integrate with Gc. Just Go to
(chrome store) and add this extension into your browser right side. This is very nice ext because it has many options for screen capturing. Like whole page capture, selected portion and visible part of the page. After taking a short you may be able to editing this photo using its tools.

Awesome screen short google chrome ext

 Recapture, edit, indicate something or highlight by putting arrows and circles. Then save it in as a (.png) or Print it also save it in Goggle drive choice. Although every thing is fine but there is a little draw back of this capture. This app is only works on http:// protocol not on https:// or secure websites so we solve this problem by introducing another algorithm.

Genuine Print screen option:

You can easily take the print of your whole screen by using this technique. Locate at your keyboard to find control (ctrl) and print screen (prtsc) buttons.

keyboard printed buttons

Now press them together your screen short is ready. Go to start menu and find Paint tool after opening it on the left top corner there is a paste option click it and your whole screen short will be clipped to paint interface. Now by using all paint tools you can easily customize it as your own way. Add whatever, changing heights and widths if you know about paint.

Other resources:

It is recommended that use images but if you are able to make your own images then it is a good practice. By suing paint and Adobe Photoshop you’re this problem will be easily solve. Don’t use the photos from the taken by Internet because many newbies not know about their owner privacy. Professional users use Creative Commons License for their copyright reserved. Blindly using of available images form Internet may be panelized you at any stage.


However there is another option exist for using online screen shorts of other users. If they give to write to reuse their material for complete guidance of copyrights read our () tutorial! Also you use it by giving proper credit to the creator. This is the rule. Take respect & get respect.

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