How to exactly free earn money by sharing your stuff Part 1 of 3

Internet is a divine. If any one who tackle its in right way. With the passage of time modern technology will more vital. And human gets more benefits. People earn day by day millions of dollars and they don’t share there secrets. Although many ways are available for making money online but not every one is trusted & hundred percent real. The reason is increasing amount of spammers and fraudulent persons make it very difficult to distinguish between these.  So we share those tactics regarding this topic which are reliable for interested users. Apply these methods results will be positive.

Sharing Stuff:

This term cover all the topic. In sharing stuff includes, video files like movies, seasons, and drams every category of video. Every type of software, games, eBooks, mobile applications, magazines, tutorials, graphic wallpaper, and templates in short every thing which is share able you add it in this category. Spread your files every where and earn extra money. Sharing informative tutorials in video formats is best for make money.

start uploading and earn revenue with rapidgator

File sharing:

Any one use this file sharing service that offered by many websites. If you have any above mention sharing material then this is the right time to facilitating yourself by this free service. Any one who is developer, video maker, graphic designer they easily share their work with people and make revenue.

How to earn money:

In this specific discussion we will allocate about Rapidgator. () is very popular online file sharing program. The strategy is you upload any type of file here in cpanel. Most of the people use Filezilla client software for uploading bunch of files with one click. This is small software for using upload websites, files, and other stuff. You can download it from here(). Just drag and drop option and synchronize with c panel file will be start uploading.
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Earn money with Rapidgator:

Go to (R) and make an account by providing email address and user name. After signing in this is your Dashboard or homepage. On very top of left menu like My account, earn, premium etc are given. Set your profile and other payment settings as you want. On this platform two types of accounts.
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Rapidgator main menu

First is called free account and second is premium. You will be given 4 TB bandwidth space with free account. I think if you are willing to work then this is enough space. We don’t need to premium account. People download your stuff and earning will be start.

Uploading Files:

Most of the users prefer Filezilla for uploading online files. Alternatively there are two other options exist for uploading material. Like web uploading direct option, and remote choice. Choose your files. We recommend Fz because it is fast & only takes few minutes. With this service you can upload a file up to 5GB. Rapidgator provide you FTP server address for Fz plus another login and password option. While other two options are simple select files then upload it. As we work in our daily uploading system. After complete uploading start sharing with friends they will download you will make money. Complete method will be described in our next post so till then stay with us for revealing all the hidden secrets of earning money online.  

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