Blogger Post editor vs. MS Word which is better for writing content

Many professional writers especially bloggers use Windows live writer. No doubtWLW is very easy in use with built in features that a writer demanded. But some time this writer not works for blogger. Then we need other editors. Today we will analyze the solution of this problem. Because this is the base of our website/blog! If base will be strong then entire building definitely vital. After reading this post we leave decision upon you that which is your choice Blogger editor or Micro soft word for writing purpose.

Blogger editor:

First take a brief look at this editor. For the sake of writing no matter it is good but for the sake of fresh  SEO optimized post this is not perfect. I hope here your question will be why blogger editor is not fit for this purpose? Then I explain reasons here. From just begging at the time of writing sometimes we make mistakes of spellings and grammatical. In this editor suggestions are exist but not enough. We need advance features. For SEO optimized content it is necessary we use synonyms and replacing the words with other similar family words. There is no such option which MS word offers. Sometimes when inserting an image in our written post accidently content disturbs from arranged manner to irregular sequence. Also these types of small problems we face while using it.
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Comparison with MS word:

Be careful at the time of writing of blogger post. To be honest personally I love MS word which is hundred time better then ordinary blogger editor. In MS word you adjust your own settings like Grammar & spellings, punctuation, width, also counting of words in short each and every thing in your hand. According to Google latest algorithm Penguin and Panda updates it is necessary to take a permitted percentage of keywords in the entire blogger post. Do not write blindly or with abundant of keywords. These things may harm your blog and blogging career. On the other hand we can use built in functions like usage of synonyms in content plus customization settings.


Ms word and blogger editor

Main 3 benefits for writing a post in Ms Word:

After writing a post you manually put it in blogger post editor. There are three major settlements.

  • It reminds us when we make any type of error. So we correct it during writing. 
  • After writing we can run thoroughly survey for remaining errors with Micro soft word.
  • And third benefit is on completing first tow steps when we put whole post into blogger editor then here we re filter our post for occasionally remaining errors. 

In this way our content pass three filtration steps then it will go on preview & publishing stage. 

Choose your editor for blogger:

These were some highlighted features of blogger editors. Now as we mention in start it is still your choice. But personally I recommend Ms Word for all these type of purposes. It gives a new glance & charm to our content. Alternatively here is an option in Micro soft word that is offline writing where as from blogger editor there is no such offer. So this is the time put up your blog to higher level with providing high quality neat and clean material. It will possible only when your standard meets on world wide standard.


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