After writing and before publishing blogger post recommended settings

Every one tells tips and tricks regarding for writing posts. Even I have published no of blogger posts in this sense. So this thing clicking in mind that I share some value able suggestion that I use after
 writing a blogger post. Also it is the part of that specific post. Before publishing it take a brief check up or revised you post is a good habit. That prevents the writer and owner of the blog from up coming problems. These problems can be major or minor but many bloggers face them. Which will discussed later in this post. However it was a small introductory paragraph concerning related subject. Now take an explanatory look on its impacts. And take a review which types of precautionary measurements can us use before publishing a blogger post. Professional writers recommend these types of settings.

Re-check up of post:

Before publishing any post it is very compulsory to take a deep analysis. Although it take some minutes like two or five maximum but its effects are vital which we feel after publishing the post. Let understand it with an example. Consider I write a post about how to make money online. After writing at the time of publish I think see there are some grammatical mistakes. Or another suitable title clicks in mind then I correct them and I change the topic. On the other hand if I publish this post immediately after writing without revision then it leaves negative effects on it. So for reduce the factor of up coming nuisance and correct it before publish. I detailed checking of punctuation heading; subheading is an essential for smoothly enhancing your content value plus improves the uniqueness. Use blogger editor search description for improving results. So after writing posts imperatively consider all these things.

take a brief recheck up of blogger post

Analysis of installed Links and Images:

We are all know about (rel=”nofollow”) attribute that tell the search engine to follow this link. We place it for links when we add links in our blogger post. By default every link in blogger platform is with out (nofollow) attribute. We manually inform the search engine whether his crawlers follow this link or not. If it remains in original condition like unchanged then search engine will follow each and every link whether that is fall in inbound or outbound category. So there is a little put attention we need and determine which link under (nofollow) tag. So investigating of inserted links is a vital step also from SEO point of view its importance more flushes. So consider all of added links after writing a blogger post.

analysis for links whether they are under nofollow

                            As we recognize that related images or videos in blogger post are interlinked with each other like Soul and Body. If they placed properly and according to condition!  So thoroughly examine of installed images or videos before publishing a blogger post. Add decent captions on images. Also fill the Title and Alt attribute of images with correct short but descriptive words after writing a post. Accurately given title and alt attribute for a specific image also a part search engine friendly SEO. Because search engines are not more sensible like human. We manually put these tags to telling the search engine what is about this image. Alternatively truly inserted information in these tags is a way of organic traffic to our site from images search. So consider these small things before publishing a blogger post. It leaves solid effects on our search engine optimization strategy. 

Before publishing taking a Preview:

After writing a blogger post when you will be satisfied then take a preview of this post. Be sure you manually apply all the above mentioned recommended settings.  Getting a demo preview will tell them remaining faults regarding post. Be confident all the images are properly on their mention place in post. Are links are working correctly. If every thing is done as per plain then good if not then again make required settings. Now this is the perfect time to publish your blogger post. Hit the orange button and publish it.


These were some common but useful settings and tips. Hope you will seek something new with this blogger post. Also implementation of these settings results & your blogger reputation will be enhanced. So use them with giving a new glance to all of your blogger posts. Happy blogging! 

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