Why your Adsense account disapproves every time solid reasons

It has been observed that many adsense publishers face this common problem. Also with the passage of time Google enhances his terms and polices consistently. Adsense is a full featured program for strong way to 
making money online with adasense
. However it is not an easy task to approve an account just in days. This program takes effort, knowledge, and unique work.

                                   Who fulfill their policies same as they mention enables to participating the program. Every one knows Adsense is a high paying online plan for more then ten years. But here is a weak point for all of us including me. That is we don’t take interest reading or get familiar with legal policies. On the other hand we start using each and every thing blindly. Taking view all of these thing I decide take a brief look regarding this matter.

Insufficient content problem:

A large no of applications rejected due to insufficient content on their websites or blog. I know every one have a built in craze about making money online. But in some special conditions like when we apply for Google adsense then make sure you have at least forty to fifty unique and well written post. We apply for participating in this program and skip this condition of content.
                                                                  How Google’s crawler understand your content if you have only five or ten posts on your blog? It is recommended by professional Adsense publishers before applying in this program please be sure your site is fully compliance with their policies especially for content issue. So it is in your hand don’t take any chance for refusal your application. First prepare yourself and then join the program.

Auto generated content warning:

It is clear by adsense do not put Google ads on auto generated content pages. Here first we need a little bit information about this term. Those publishers which don’t use their own hand written content or they also use sites like article writers tools. Where articles automatically written? Can you imagine from where this content comes? If you don’t know then I tell you.

                                                    These writers pick words and phrases from Feeds, already written contents, similar websites. It is against Google adsense terms and conditions to place ads on these types of pages. Many professionals say that if you have an approved account then don’t ever place your codes on such or similar blogs/sites. If anyone double-crosses these rules then as a result your account will be disapproved.   

Copy Paste Issues:

Be genuine and real with Google adsense. If any one especially it’s advisable for newbies do not steal other contents and material. Now a day plenty of such publishers are active. Consider if we apply for this program and we have one post that is copied from other blog. You will receive a disapproval mail from adsense due to copying issues. Google is very advanced and smart with latest technology. Even he identifies that specific post in their replied mail. So think how any one use these types of black hat techniques for approval of their accounts.

Special Suggestions:

People waste their time for finding short ways and poor techniques. This is not a one night millionaire scheme. It requires a lot of hard work & effort. Rather you waste time in finding dull ways prepare yourself as a genuine person. First focus on learning then tries to implement. Also we have lack of patience and here you need this factor. Consistency is another factor that may helps you for acquiring your destiny. If you follow all these minor things then there will be no reason for approval of your adsense account.   

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