Blogger post custom setting and changing of Date and time second part

As in our published post Complete and perfect settings for post we have discussed necessary settings. Like page options, Author profile configuration etc. This is the remaining part. There are two ways of these specific settings. One is simple and easy & other way is complicated so I omit the second way. Because it includes non understandable HTML coding! Like finding <time:stamp> code……!!!
So simpler is better. So let’s start today tutorial. 

Post Header:

After publishing a post there time and date shown on left top corner of the page. It is very good practice to showing these parameters because visitors make difference easily by seeing them. A post that is published three days ago and one that published today we have one tool that is time and date. With the help of this weapon we tell which older and modern post is.
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How to change Date of posts:

Simply Go to

Layout > Edit post >

as indicated into the previous lesson part 1. On reaching new window you may see following options. Such as Total no, author picture and other similar categories! Now go on post page options. First option is date. Here in drop down list we see other many options like addition of days, name of month etc.  You may select any one which you want. After selection now check mark on radio button and select desired format. You have done. After saving it refresh the page and you will see your own custom selected format on all posts.

selection of date for posts

Changing Time:

Similarly repeat in down side there is option of  at.

check this option while using time on post

Clicking on radio icon type button then open same list! Choose custom format seven to ten options for different time showing here. Like with day, twenty four hours format, twelve hours format select any one. Hit save now you are done.

custom time settings

Other custom settings:

On this open window we are able to set our post design as we want. Like comments settings inserting your location into posts!

Quick editing tool for blogger:

use this tool for easily editing your gadgets

when we add a  gadget this tool helps us directly open and edit our widget. It prevents for wasting time in log in to your Google account if you are use the blogger platform. Just click on this icon and enter the dialogue box where you want to make changes. After settings just hit orange SAVE button and refresh the page.


These were some common and more used setting for blogger posts. 

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