Complete and perfect settings for blogger post using a bolg 1st step

Everyone wants to seem different and better in the race of modern technology. It is possible now. Especially while surfing Internet and visiting websites you may see changes. Using a blogger platform for website it is easy to customize and standardize your site with your own way. But before it you must have necessary knowledge about a blog. Seek it before applying anything. Clarity, visibility, and beauty gain more access from a visitor or a reader. Usage of today’s following tactics you may turn your users into a regular and returning visitors.

Blogger post editor:

When we write a Blogger post about anything it goes our home page. But there are some settings which we use custom for enhancing in a easy way and making informative for users. This option gives many suitable settings for all published and coming posts. Like small drops of water Makes Oceansimilarly customize unique settings is a sign of success.

How to use:

Go to
blogger dashboard > Select Layout >  Click on edit
as indicated into figure.

Custom blogger post settings

After it a new mini window will open named as Configure Blog Post. At the top of this dialogue box first option is about Main Page. I will discuss compulsory and common settings thoroughly one by one in two parts. Because summarize all of them into one post is not an easy task. Plus readers feel uncomfortable for reading long posts.

Home Page posts option:

Using this feature we set how many number of post we show on our landing page. Many professional bloggers & SEO experts recommend minimum five (5) and maximum seven (7) posts keep on home page. Besides this you may use your desired number of posts by editing in numbering menu. There are some reasons behind this setting.

Configure number of posts

Page load factor:

Page speed matter. When new visitors search a query in Google search bar and by using results he enters your site. Not me I refer a quote here “First impression is last”. When site takes maximum time for loading then ninety percent chances the user leave it. For readers interest people use some time HD
 images and videos a blogger posts. All these things are responsible for page load time. If page will heavy simply it takes time on the other hand if light so easily load. As a result if we keep five posts on main page then page speed & loading time will reduce!

How to show Author profile in Posts:

I know every professional blogger has a good About us page on their website. But in this time there is lack of time for visiting these types of pages. So introduce and familiarize yourself as a new branded way with this feature.

Use check mark on this option

         Check mark on this radio button blog automatically configures with your Google plus profile in blogger post with unique way. With this setting users easily know about your biography. Also if you don’t wish to show your profile then simply unchecked this option. Author profile omits from all posts.

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