Top 3 Vital ways to make money online in 2014 finally revealed

If we make search on internet regarding our today topic then millions of results display in Google search engine. Every one share their experience and thoughts in this discipline. With endless procedures, explanations they tell us. But the question is still that how to make money online. In more depth a large number of online communities are not satisfied with these tips.

Time has changed and this is 2014 with modified making money online process. Today people find reliable, genuine, vital, easy, lifetime and cheap process of making live revenue. Is it not? Hope your answer will in Yes. So my purpose of writing this specific post to aware all of those who are still don’t know. Then after reading this page you will be able to find right path for yourself online. I placed a scenario for you here. Using this you will be track yourselves and selection of destiny will be easy for all. After small introduction now go for elaboration.

Why People find online resources:

Behind this factor there are some reasons. First of all modern and advance technology is backbone of this change. What change? Replace of world’s trend from traditional system of making money to modern/online system. Also rapidly growing rate of internet around the planet is responsible for this modification.

 If we compare traditional & modern business with making money strategies in 2014 then we easily judge what’s difference? Besides above main factors there are also some things which play a specific role in this change. Accessibility from all over the world, small expenditures of online earnings, timing factor, instant, easy and 24/7 access as compared to traditional ways make it differ and gives a charming glance. Also a large community uses their internet earning as a part time job. 
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Top 3 best categories for online earning:

  • Network Marketing business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing

1. Network marketing business and 2014:

Many people will be thinking that why I place NM at number one. Because its results are more successful as compare to other two disciplines. Before starting this it is recommended first to know what  
 network marketing business is. First you learn then you earn. This is strong and life time field of making money online with MLM and Network marketing. Wise people choose smart business platform for there where is no risk and loss factor exist.

Structure of Network marketing business

In simple and straight definition if I say that companies use the power of man for promoting their online business called NM then its true. As a reward through this middle man medium when sale done then companies gives commission in the form of money. This is the simple concept. In other words companies do not use electronic media or any other source for their promotion. This man is electronic and social media for these comps. I skip here some already posted articles regarding this system so for more clarity, personal satisfaction and understand in depth you may concern here

2. Affiliate Marketing:

While surfing internet you may see on many websites banners, ads, text ads etc. Sending your visitors for those targeted sites by clicking banners is called affiliate marketing. As a result they pay for their advertiser.  For this purpose and online money making system there are some conditions. An affiliate marketer must have a website, blog or any other source for the sake of monetizing ads. Flood of traffic is backbone of this system. Search engine optimization and SEM also essential factors for the success of Affiliate marketing. Earning with Adsense, BuySellAds, Infolinks, are some most common examples of making money online in 2014 through system.
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3. Freelancing:

Free of cost system of making money online in 2014. This plan needs only man’s skills and efforts. Although it is easy method but we polished and refine our abilities using this platform.

Freelancing is a part time job for making handsome revenue

Writing articles, making applications using modern technology, website developing, software master and other like skills are base of this system. Let us take an example here if anyone has a good English writer, translator or proofreader then he makes hundred of dollars with his abilities using program.
Elance, Freelancer, Odesk are popular platforms for freelancers.


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