Best way for genuine earning money with Dailymotion by uploading videos

There are number ways for potential earning with internet. But the problem is finding reliable and trusted source procedure and its implementations. Till then we start generating income. As in our past posts we discuss in detailed making money with content or websites but today good news for those who have their custom videos. It will be excellent if you have your own Copyrights. Whether he is a video maker, producer etc. Even you may share other types such as songs, dramas, movies, religious material and documentary.

Understanding making money process with videos:

Many blog users make video tutorials on different topics i.e. making money online, HTML & CSS teaching courses videos. And other type of Internet, pc and mobile knowledge based sharing material. So it is the time guys make hundred of dollars with your live content. We share our videos on Social media, Youtube with out getting any revenue. But this is the golden chance enhance your income.

Dailymotion placed videos ads on your uploaded material. When people see your videos during first five seconds ad will be display. As long as ad runs alternatively you earn money. This is the simple concept of earning money with videos.

How to start:

Follow these simple steps. Just go to  Official Dailymotion Partener and sign up. Fill necessary information based form by providing Email, name etc. After set up the account now upload your first video. Here are several options for uploading. Such as normal option and very popular process of uploading is Mass uploader. Unlock the feature of big size files.

And share your content with millions of users in seconds. Earn up to seventy percent. Join other programs detailed given below.

Openvod Progrm:

Dailymotion offers you sell your content. When visitors purchase it from here then you earn commission. It is upon your wish which price you take for selling content on daily motion.

Motion maker feature:

This is another feature by DM. It specifies those partners who are video artists. Make your own videos and get access to this program. With facilities of encoding in 1080 HD, customizing page and unlimited length, support etc. It’s free and easy set up with extra layer of Motion Maker Logo.

Receive Payments:

Earning revenue will be handed over to you upon reaching threshold. When your dailymotion content earn 100 $$ then you make a request for your money. Money will be transferred to the specific owner by Bank transfer securely.


Now a days people are generating more income with participating these legal and good revenue sharing programs such as Adsense, making money with Infolinks etc. Choose best platform for you. In dailymotion in my experience there are two most common things. One is help people with your content secondly earn money.
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