How to free Earn Money online with Clixsense

People who are still looking for making money online today is good news for all of them. Clixsense is a genuine, reliable and totally free way of handsome income. No extra ordinary knowledge required. Just basic internet techniques and use required for this deal. People earn hundred of dollars on daily basis without spending a penny. Plus many other like resources of earning available here. So I think it is best solution for all of you guys.

How to join clixsense:

Just go on clixsenseand fill the registration or sign up form. Admin will mail you for activation details with instructions. And get instant access on this platform. Now start your journey to earning money online with safe, sound and free environment. Depends upon your capability how much you make money from clixsense because there is no limit. A large number of people join this network and earn huge amount the reason is its totally free.

Earning money process:

Clixsense facilitate to its customers with variety of methods for example Ads, offers, tasks, clix grid, affiliates are those ways which any one use to earning money online.
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View ads:

First option is advertisement. You have just click on these ads and a new page will be open according to clixsense terms and policies you will stay at that page for some time. At the top of page this tab shows. Ad section subdivided into two parts again.

menu of advertisement


When we click on this ad it will credited us to (0.01)$$. In new window we just enter captch or hit on picture then countdown stats. Its time limit is thirty seconds means you stay on sponsor website during this interval.

Micro and macro


Its worth is (0.001)$$. And its completing interval is only three seconds. In offer section we could boost our earning level. And get more revenue. Similarly task section provides us to chance extra level. Here some paragraphs, links show and follow instructions regarding this. In short it is also an amazing feature to earn money free from clixsense.
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This is a coupon and lottery type category. Here we have thirty chances and a video or image which divided into 900 small squares given to you. Behind any small square 10$$ are hide. Randomly click on whole pic and validate for thirty seconds. Just open it and get ten dollars if you are lucky.


Like each website. Clixsense also gives you opportunity of affiliation with this awesome platform in earning money process for free. Show ads and banners on blog and get referral revenue.

Payment optons:

Payments give to members via Paypal, Payza and check system on every Monday and Friday. The minimum payment amount for standard user is 8$$ and premium user is 6$$ through first two options. And if you take pay via check then minimum withdrawal amount is 10$$.  So this was the short tremendous method of earn money from clixsense. Hope you will get benefit from this information.

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