Make your own custom Favicon for blog

This is the time to decorate your site/blog web address with favicon. While surfing internet you may see many time in the beginning of the address a small piece of icon. Its may be the logo of that specific blog. Which give information to the visitor about website? This is called favicon. By default only a short white page type material displays but if you configure it then this icon replaces with your own custom image.

How to generate:

                           There are many online tools that help you for generating favicon. But these two sites are really and easy. Even every one makes this icon from here very easily. So let’s get start.
First see the demo before and after screen short provided below.

Screen short before adding favicon
Before Favicon.
After adding Favicon


             Go to (FaviconGenerator) and follow these steps.
Select the file/image from computer by using choosing option.
Upload your image quickly.
Finally press Generate icon. And your Faviocn is ready to work.
Uploading favicon to Blogger:

 Option -I

If you are using blogger platform then do as directed?
By right clicking on newly generated fav and download it at desktop. Now go to

Blogger dashboard > Layout > Edit

Replace blogger default icon with this file & hit save setting. You are done.
After some time it will be live.

Uploading to blog by selecting edit

Option –II

Paste this piece of code in <head> section of template

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=>

replace highlighted color with your own address.

Part -2:

            Go to (Favicon) Choose file and upload it.
Now a dialogue box appears with download option. After downloading it depends upon you whether you choose above discussed  (Opt-I or II). Here is option for customize it with animated color options.

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