Learn how to add Facebook Like box on blogger

Every blogger know the importance of social media. Especially Facebook and twitter are now most familiar in the world. According to a suitable estimate if we divide the whole world population into three parts then every 2nd person is Facebook user! This is the worth of social media.

Social Plugins:

                       These social media platform help to add variety of buttons including like box, like button, share button, embed option, follow, comment and recommended box. It is upon your choice that what you would select to adding on blog? This is the complete series. And we will try to write comprehensive post on this entire Fb buttons series. You can say this is first the episode.

Insert Like box:

                         First of all you have a well managed social page on Fb. After that just go to
          (Facebook Developers page).
Here we see four types of like Page URL, Width, height, and light.

Facebook Page URL:

                                In this box enter your own page address as in the image described. After entering the address presses enter you will see your own page now.

insert your own facebook address here


                        Adjust your own color scheme, height and width if you want. Otherwise leave them default.
 You may see four radio buttons
  • Show friend faces.
  • Show header.
  • Show post.
  • Show border
check on these radion buttons

Check mark on no 1 will show the faces of those who like page. Header button hide & show page name. If you want border then select if doesn’t then leave it empty.

Implementation of Like box or Iframe:

                                                              Finally after these settings click on left side blue button and get code of your like box. A dialogue box appears with four different options select Iframe for better easy and quick response. Copy the code and add it to on your blog.

Choose iframe option for fb like box

How to add on blog:

                                Go to blogger dashboard > Layout
and add a new gadget. By selecting Gadget> HTML Java script  from widgets.
Must See How to Add A Gadget in Blog.
 Paste the code with suitable title and hit save. Bingo you are done. Refresh the page for the confirming. Is Facebook like box appears as you want?


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