Earning money secrets Infolinks Part-2

As we know that Internet is a great source of making handsome income. Regarding this topic I also write ever before. In today tutorial you learn complete guidance of earning money with Infolinks.
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Integrating Blog with Infolinks:

After 1st session we directly go on  how to configure your site with this.
Log in as a publisher. We see seven tabs now choose
Integrate > Add a new website
Here you add your website or blog. With providing URL, Category and language then Hit Submit. Another option for adding more sites you have also available.

Adding a blog with infolinks

Select Platform:

                      Infolinks supports with all most popular platforms like Blogger, WordPress,  Drupal and joomla. 2 options you have.
1. Add HTML Java script or
2. Install plugin.


Personally I recommend you choose add html option. Because its very easy and simple not more than set in five seconds. Copy this code and insert it on your blog now you have done. Your first step towards earning money starts.

Customization in Infolinks:

                                         Intext, tag search and iframe these four categories this system offers you for the sake of monetizing it on your website or blog. Choose as you wish. Because more engagement of visitors with above mentioned categories as a result your earning money graph increases rapidly.

Ad unit and color:

                           For more results it is very necessary that you choose effective colors. This factor effects your website and SEO. Template related colors are best for this practice. Wisely choose Link color and its separation double or dotted it depends upon customer choice. Click save and see your Blog/Website. Is links appears correctly as customized? Because Infolinks settings are immediately take effect on a live page.  If yes then Good because professional setting gives chance for huge earning money.

Payment settings;

                               Finally go to account and setup payment method. Its upon you which method you prefer. Just fill the form consist information from you and save it.

Display reports:

                          See weekly monthly and daily reports of your earning with infolinks. Containing ad view, eCPM and net page views with date & earning money summary. At the end of this sheet total is calculated.
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