5 recommended tips before starting a blog

With the passage of day it has been observed that trend of bloggers rapidly increase as compare to ever before. This is the rule of the world “Losers are abundant in quantity as Successors”.  So this is the time to maintain ourselves and need to prove that I’m a successor. Blog sphere is really wide from your thoughts. What are the tactics to establish a successive blog? Be personal I am not a master but things which I know and seeking by me share to all of you guys.

1#. Choosing a Nich:

                           Before entering in blogsphere it is very necessary and recommended by professional bloggers as well as SEO experts that select a suitable nich? May be some of you are not familiarize with this term but this is the basic. If base will be strong then every thing is right. Otherwise you just play a gamble with you & your blog. Which will be destroyed the entire structure with the passage of time.
                       In simple words we say that a idea about any blog for example a man who is thinking about making a blog about “Android Phones”. His information, searches, and managing suitable topics called Nich. Categorize the whole topic into small divisions i.e. Applications of Modern phones, newly entered Android models, prices, and much more. You can adjust your nich into variety of topics. So it is really important a clever topic.

how to choose a perfect nich

2#. Smart but descriptive topic;

                                                   After above mentioned building block it’s the right time to choose wisely a topic of your blog. Internet provides a number of tools which helps you in this matter. For example knowing the density, monthly, weekly, daily and geographical search history regarding a topic you may take help with Google’s tool (Adwords). Also it depends upon you how much data you collect about specific topic with other sources.

3#. Perfect landing Pages:

                                         When a reader visits your blog with his query landing page can inspire them if it is well established. As the elder says “First impression is last impression” same like this. Spend some time on arranging suitable template and perfect selection of colors.  Convert blogger simple page into high quality landing page. Because if you got success to impress the audience then you will succeed! This is the open secret of the best blogging. Also select your goal.

4#. SEO of the Blog:

                               Search engine optimization is the right & legal way to bring your blog/site in search results. Wrong seo leaves negative effects. So be simple and steady in this matter. Acquire sufficient knowledge about this terminology for genuine and permanent results. At this point site owner’s capability show which way he adopt. Update your blog on regularly. Many newbies left their blogging carrier because they do not pay more attention at SEO.

5#. Social media;

                           Especially Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are the keys to derive flood of traffic towards your Blog. Why I am saying traffic? The answer is when anyone has readers for his topic then site reputation will increase rapidly. Always give value to users.

Bonus Tip:

                 Consult with professional blogging experts for better and life time performance. If you can?

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