How to add Blogger new gadget Contact us Form

After an introduction of widgets now I decide to customize the blog easily. It has many parts we try to discuss all of them in detail for you guys.

Part 1:

This is the 1st post of this specific series. In other words if I say by adding the gadgets we registered with blogger then its might not be wrong. Also many SEO experts & professional developers recommend this gadget rather then we add custom form.


                 This is the basic & primary requirement before applying the Adsense. Google, Buy sell ads, Infolinks and many other top advertising companies give prior those applications that have a Contact us form. Also it is the easy way of communication with website owner or author regarding any query.


              These three new categories insert in this. Which are simple and compulsory?
1. Name
2. Email
3. Message
 It is free from the nuisance of Captcha & Security check.

Insertion of Contract form:

                                Go to your dashboard of blogger then proceed as below.
Layout > Add a Gadget  from side bar
Basic > Select More

Now click on Contact form You have done. Refresh your page and confirm.

contact us form easily inesrtion.


               These gadgets are free of cost. At this age where competition is in every field. Each one wants to present their ideas different from others. So these things are provide us a short way to compete with competitors in less time.  People are also show interest for more development in this field.

Need help:
               Today’s tutorial of Contact us form is very simple. However if you don’t tackle to add this in blogger side bar then ask us?
I shall try my best that release other parts of this series asp.

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