Make your blog beautiful with adding Gadgets

Widget is tool which is very helpful for newbie bloggers and many other sites platform users i.e. Word press etc. These gadgets where save our time. On the other hand they also improve the blog beauty. When a reader visits your website if it is nicely managed then he leaves a fantastic impression in the form of comment. This is a way of drive huge traffic & popularity.

Clear Navigation:

As you may hear about this quote “Cleanliness is half faith”. So just follow this widgets enable us to managing our blog perfectly. With easy, fast & clear navigation system for visitors. Where they find exactly what they want?

Boost up your site in searches:

Search engines especially Google gives priority those sites which are nicely managed browser & reader friendly. Now it’s your time to start, seek & add a implement.

Save time with gadgets:

Adding these widgets is on just one click far. All of our hourly basis work done in seconds. Where if we manually work upon these it is a lot of time consuming & hard? So in short these widgets are really a divine for those who have lack know how about HTML & Css.

Blogger new interface:

This time where we see many changes make by blogger platform. It also enhances the interface of gadgets. Plus with include a large quantity of widgets. For example if we need to add a java script code we just click on gadgets an immediately insert the specific code.

 How to add a gadet:

                               Just follow these three simple steps and you will able to add it. With live demo.
1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
2. Click on Layout option.
3. Now it is the right time to select Add a gadget option.
You are done.

adding a widget


                        Here is an option which allows you to inserting your own or custom widget on blogger. 

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