Add images videos and links in blogger post

In many posts you may see images, videos and links. So today we discuss all about this. Also learnt how to add all these things in our post?
According to this quotation a “PHOTO” says thousands word rather then huge English paragraphs, with usage of perfect Grammar, or long complicated words. If your photo inserting correctly. So inserting figures consistency with their right location is a great technique to improve & enhance your blogger post. Also it leaves a positive impact on it for their visitors as well as readers.

Must read “how to create a blogger post

Add an Image:

learn how to add an image in blogger post

it is very simple & easy way to add the image
 in your blogger post. When we need to insert a
 figure simply do following steps.
Is your selected image is totally related with your text? If yes then put it left, right or in centre of your text.
Go to > Create a new post.
By clicking this you enter the blogger editor.
With the help of these figures follow these steps

Insert image icon >

a new window will open just like that. Then we follow this window and according to our choice we upload our photo using one of a file using upload option for adding image in blogger post

Use img properties:

it is a  good practice for readers, web Spiders, crawlers & search engines for understanding your photo.
Regularly use

 < img alt=”how to write a blogger post” title=”Blogger post”>

Inserting a link in Blogger post:

Quite simple and easy just sense with this live Demo.
1. select the red rounded icon  Link
it will open 2nd window just like highligted with different colors.

learn how easily add a link in blogger post with right rel="nofollow" attribute

Open this link in a new window. It depends upon you whether you check it or not.

For the sake of familize of Follow and Nofollow Attribute get help from Webmaster Tools

Add a video in blogger post:

similarly follow those steps that we adopt when inserting an image.
Click on insert a video icon with the help of figure as in illustrated.
Then add it whether from you tube, webcam or from your Mac & Personal Computer.
You may use Drag and Drop option.
Use which is suitable for you?

add a video in blogger post

it is very necessary for a Blog & blogger post writer that how he optimize their post using images, videos and links. Correct SEO plays important role regarding these factors. Use attributes with care especially concentrate on rel=”nofollow” which is very important.


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