Learn how to retrieve your lost history using Google apps

sometime we delete our history of our browser accidently with lost of important data or sites. So here is a trick that gives you fully access on your deleted browser data. What we do let’s dive.

This technique is very useful and easy to understandable. So let’s gets start.
As we know that Google is one of major search engine in the world of internet. It’s facilitating their users through all aspects of to the point searching. With one Gmail account you can take access of all Google related products.
Our today tutorial is about history retrieved.

When you remove this important data from your browser whether it’s Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox or internet explorer from history tab under tools?
This action remove full data visited data i.e. visited sited, links, with similar data.
Keep focusing the next steps regarding again control on removed history.

How to retrieve:

First of all you go online at Google accounts using this link My search History
log in your account
using Email address & Password.
Then enter the Dashboard of your Google History panel.

Get fully control on your lost web history:

More benefits:

On Hourly basis search :

on left side a graph shows as in image tells us our hourly base history. Higher graph means on that hour you make large no of searches on internet. Also with time stamp with your selected (GMT Zone). Am & pm.
under this graph click on this

google hourly search history

Show more trends >>>
 at openings of this link it gives you another edge regarding
Top clicks, Queries,  with sites.
Here you check your most favored or you see more of your visited sites

With Daily searches:

google result of daily basis search history

These vertically shown graphs tell daily basis history as shown in figure.

Your Web activities:

on very right corner your history shown in monthly basis you check your earlier history by using < > these navigation buttons any past month.
As in image at few dates like 1DEC & 3DEC more thickly blue color as compared to 2DEC it means that at this day I make 75+ searches.

google monthly Web activity search report

 1-20 Searches color show
21-35 less blue
36-75 blue
75+ thickly blue
All these things improve your search history and tell about your queries. From here you can find your removed web history easily.

Another List:
At very left corner may you see this list
1.All history
3. Images
by selecting all you will be at main page. Which discussed above in detailed.


by click on this we go on our web searches directly. With Google filter. Here only results show of websites.


Another filter in search give full control at your searched images

Google always better for their visitors by using this awesome you can fully command of your deleted history. Plus point is here all these search results only under your privacy. No one can see except you.

Need Help:?
All shared information is very easy to understand. However if any one feel miss confused then tell us.  We glad to help you.

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