Learn how to create and write a blogger post.

You may see thousands of  blogger post at internet. In which a large number of these well
organized, useful material they have. So today we will discuss all about this hot & most wanted topic. This time every one wants that his website will be display at 1st page in Google search results, also his produced material useful for visitors.

Selection of Topic:

                                            We will discuss one by one about those factors which matter. So let’s start. It’s very essential and Brain of the entire post. During blogger post create it is advisable to you select that topic you have some know how or influence upon it.

learn and think about your blogger post

Choose simple and plain language, rather then difficult  or complicated words. Complete small sentences during write a blogger post. Keep trying that you don’t make any grammatical & spelling mistakes. Keep a good looking font for headings as well as Post. Proper distance between words and lines is compulsory.  Microsoft Word in Ms Office is on of the better solution. Also you may use Window Live Writer for this purpose.

Proper & appropriate Headings:

                                                              Distribute your whole post in small paragraphs. Use h1, h2 for better understanding. For the sake of attract reader’s attention you may use highlighted lines or words. It will give an edge to the writer of blogger publisher your visitor feel comfortable during reading. Avoid from confusion.


establish relevancy with your topic

                                               very strong part of your content is it. If I say that this is the Backbone of your entire post then it’s not be wrong. Be relevant & cling with your idea or topic. Don’t divert user’s attention from your topic. It is very helpful to your fully command upon your topic also this prevent user from diversion.


                                                           It is positive thing for a writer that he keeps his user engage. Because if you updated your targeted audience with high quality content (not mean only correct English). Nice, good & updated knowledge then they automatically Bookmark it.

Avoid copy paste:

                            Keep away from this curse or stole others bloggers content. Be aware the Google’s punishment about this practice. Produce, fresh and create your own  knowledge. When you protect yourself from this it will be very helpful for you & your Blog also.

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