How to back up or restore your blogger template

Before you make any changing in your template 1st you would be enough familiar to this term what is a blog. In blogger some time we need to backup or restore our template when we manually customize it. in order to face this problem and solve this easily I’m writing this post for all of you. When we make some suitable changing in any section of our blog then at that step we feel that how to restore our previous template before changing. It is very easy to use and understand just you pay little attention and you would be able to replace yourself. So take the start.

Want to change my blogger template:

How to backup or restore technologymake blog template

First of all  enter your  sign in your blogger Home.

Go to > Template
Then go to the Right side of Page as followed by the Image. According to the arrow head press this tab then open a pop up box .
Now follow these instructions as mentioned in the next lines.

Restore Your Full Template:

when we click on this tab according to the fig then two options will be displayed on your screen in a pop up box appears with two options..

#1. Download full
#2. Choose file

 I personally say you it is very wise decision that before make any change you follow the 1st given instruction (Download)
 After this save this copy of in a safe place in your PC for future.

Upload your desired copy of  Tem:

Now select the #2 option. Select your file from your computer and press the Open tab. Press upload. Your file will be start to upload. Now save it.

Refresh your page and see the changing you have made.
You have all the done…
 Need help:?
It will be honor for us if you ask for any technical help. You are most welcome for help. The tutorial is so easy to implementation and for understand however if you don’t understand any thing then tell us with out any hesitation.  J

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