What is a Blog

Your blog is a place where you post your thoughts and is shows your passion also your way to work. In the world every one has their own thoughts and their way of thinking so that’s why every one produces each element in their post using Blogger Platform. It is a very large network. Using this even you make your own website or whatever…!!
Why we make:

It is very easy and simple to create. But before its creation we will discuss that why I make a it? What are its advantages? What’s cost it? And some other like stupid type questions arises in our mind. So the first reason of its creation we discussed above and now we resolve other queries about this topic one by one in following.
  1. Ah..! The awesome thing in blogger that we make a handsome amount of money by using this platform because it’s fully inaugurated with Google Adsense.
You share your experience of any one of your interested field using this network with the world with a lot of features. It’s fully free and no cost you pay because it’s the free service from Google.

How to make:
Making a it is very easy just go to Blogger and Sign up with your Gmail account. Follow some simple steps. Give a few pieces of information and next go to Title. Check the availability of your title and then done. Now start posting adding images, wallpapers, videos, and whatever you want to include it. Similarly add widgets and many more amazing gadgets. We can customize it by using Template and with the sense of HTML, CSS, JQUERY, JAVA SCRIPT etc. After that you purchase your Domain name and serve the World with your own website. Connect with people of social networks and other with this service.


There are a lot of useful things to make a blog. Like earning money, connect with all type of people, share your passion with others and get their views, serve and teach the people. Affiliate marketing displaying Ads of different companies and earn revenue. In the upcoming posts further step by step we’ll make useful tutorials about this topic.

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