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How To Create Link Of Blogger Pages With Custom Navigation Bar

some time we use custom template in our Blogger platform. After installing the template when we go on the making post then we face a problem with our published post or page. The problem with that post this post not goes in our desired category or in navigation bar menu title. At this stage we feel disappointment because after a long period and publishing a post our post does not go in their specific and selected place in the custom navigation bar menu.
Before going directly our today topic we will first illustrate the reason and after all we make its solution.


Those  templates which have customized through a third party or not by default templates by blogger we add them links manually.

How to add :

(#) sign use that shows dummy links so we replace (#) with our desired address.

Let us take a demo with the help of the figure.
After you fully write your post when you near to publish it then make these changes that are:

Live Demo:
1.  Go to the Blogger Label and add a specific label according to Figures
Follow these steps

2.  Then press the button of Done your post will be saved with a Label.

3.  After that publish the post and click on label icon you will see the a specific address in your address bar.

Copy that address and then go to

Blogger >Template > Edit HTML

4.  Now Search for your navbar menu.
Tip:Press (CTR+F)
Enter your Menu Class

5.  Paste the copy address by replacing the (#) sign

6.  Save your template. You have all done.
Refresh Your Page.



What is a Blog

Your blog is a place where you post your thoughts and is shows your passion also your way to work. In the world every one has their own thoughts and their way of thinking so that’s why every one produces each element in their post using Blogger Platform. It is a very large network. Using this even you make your own website or whatever…!!
Why we make:

It is very easy and simple to create. But before its creation we will discuss that why I make a it? What are its advantages? What’s cost it? And some other like stupid type questions arises in our mind. So the first reason of its creation we discussed above and now we resolve other queries about this topic one by one in following.
  1. Ah..! The awesome thing in blogger that we make a handsome amount of money by using this platform because it’s fully inaugurated with Google Adsense.
You share your experience of any one of your interested field using this network with the world with a lot of features. It’s fully free and no cost you pay because it’s the free service from Google.

How to make:
Making a it is very easy just go to Blogger and Sign up with your Gmail account. Follow some simple steps. Give a few pieces of information and next go to Title. Check the availability of your title and then done. Now start posting adding images, wallpapers, videos, and whatever you want to include it. Similarly add widgets and many more amazing gadgets. We can customize it by using Template and with the sense of HTML, CSS, JQUERY, JAVA SCRIPT etc. After that you purchase your Domain name and serve the World with your own website. Connect with people of social networks and other with this service.


There are a lot of useful things to make a blog. Like earning money, connect with all type of people, share your passion with others and get their views, serve and teach the people. Affiliate marketing displaying Ads of different companies and earn revenue. In the upcoming posts further step by step we’ll make useful tutorials about this topic.


Earning Money Online, How to

How to make money online

Online Money

Every one wants to know and craze about this terminology that’s what the ways are, processes and platforms that they make smart and handsome earning. With the low cost and no cost resources in the short time with out any where go simply at home. So the question arises here is it possible that we generate income with all of above mention aspects? So the answer is……. YES”
Obviously it’s true that we make money online using internet. But it’s not simple and easy as we think. Earning money online is a neither a bed of roses nor a stick of Magic. Whereas it’s a time consuming, putting highly efforts and a lot of tolerance taking work.

1st of all we make sure that what platform of the internet should I choose regarding earning money online. When we decide this then we put our all our focus on our selected topic. We start our research using different ways and tools. This search depends upon our sincerity, passion and hard working. We spend a lot of time in this research. With the help of all these things and tools we learn a lot useful things about our decided field of making money online. I suggest all of you guys that first of all you learn sufficient about your field then you take any step. Because our elder use to say that “First you Learn then You Earn”.
Millions of ways on the internet on the basis of these we make revenue and attractive amount like Network Marketing and infinite other ways. But when you learn about something then you have a strong grip upon that. Sincerity and creativity is the basic things that help you to earn money online. If here we take the example of Blogging then the things which you produce with your own touch are priceless rather then we use just stolen and copy paste material. So create your own material.
Productivity ability:
After these things when you feel that now you are enable to do something and sufficient knowledge you have. Then you take the step in the world of money making using internet. I give you guarantee that you will really success also you fulfill your dreams and wishes. It was just the introductory tutorial in next business days we will inshaAllah make brief discussion on this hot topic. Also we shall revealed, expand and in detailed discussed all the legal ways of earning money online.


Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing Business…??

An Introduction
Network Marketing Business is the fine example and the Modern form of the Traditional Business. According to its name shows it’s called the “word of mouth” also suggest any one or refer any one to any thing. With the latest and newly generated technology its effects on every field of life. With the help of modern means of communications people think that they promote their work with the help of Internet and also with the help of people. That money which they spend on advertising their products they will give that money to People as a form of commission.
So people started their Online Work and 

Also people adopt this type of new generated system rather then the old type of system for business. This type of system is almost low cost almost cost free. For the sake of entering in this setup usually we make a little purchasing and with this purchasing we sign up in our online office.
Risk Free Factor
As the above mentioned we make purchasing so our amount that we give already use in that product. So the fear of risk is totally ends. Many people hesitate to join this because there are some reasons that are flowing in their mind. We make a short review for their hesitation in our next coming post related to this topic.
Online Office
 Like a real and practical office as we join this that company allotted us an online office on their website. Every type of facility exist in this office like a section of our daily earning and all the accounting and management section also with highly secure they a lot us a specific computer generated ID and Password confidently. As we make transactions in Dollars using network marketing business so that’s why the specific company provides us very high security.

According to “Bill gates’’ a famous personality he says that if I lost my everything and my every achievements then with the help of this modern business I achieve my everything in just months. So this is the worth and power. So this is the time to turn yourself…