Shah is the founder and owner of this website since its founded in JUNE 2013. He run this site as his first  step in the field of Information Technology. Now he is a Master level student of  New era convergence of  Tech from North of  Punjab Pakistan. As the time passes Shah got valueable success in the field and word of Internet.Now Alhamdulillah he is a certified SEO, Web Developer, Pro Blogger and addicted to Computer with all aspects. Before starting his journey to the Internet field he has lack of knowledge about all these techniques. But with the help of “Almighty Allah” patience, practice, consistency, and the hard working in true track give me my reward, success, fame and everything i want. Shah is very Friendly and helping guy. He spend maximum time in his living room with Internet for managing and look after their Sites only. He loves to inventing and discovering unknown things, features, technical and helpful tips regarding blogging, Seo, Network Marketing on internet & other useful resources that other may not be know about them.

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As the name shows “TechnologyMake” is a technologyBased  Web, focusing on seeking, learning, the basic technical skills
about new Era from root level to higher level. Especially our aim is 
provide useful, meaningful, modern and good quality, productive
 content to user regarding advance technology in IT. Basic aim to
 launch this Blog is a motivation and will for beginners. Provide high
 quality basic tutorials on Blogging, SEO tips & tricks also building
blocks of Network Marketing. We wish that every pro blogger
may learn the basics. One who don’t familiar with these terminologies if he seek our tutorials on all topics with regularity and punctuality then he got success I this field.

Shah starting blogging in 2012 just after complete his
Bachelor level studies. He used Internet randomly without any purpose just for relaxation, pleasure and spend time but luckily the scene change with watching a live program on (CNBC channel) on blogging. Then all of his attention diverted to writing blogs, Web Developing with the interest of Html5, Css3, Java Script online from leisure.  Now he is a professional blogger and web developer.

Focus on learning advice

SHAH adviced  to all pro bloggers that you 
must focus on learning regularly with interest, honesty and hardworking.
1st of all you make sure that which one is the IT field is suitable for you after your choice you focus your relative field.  Keep your carrier clean and neat. As the
 latest and modern Google algorithms (Google panda and Penguin)
 there is no way that you copy paste or steal other people material on
 Internet it is impossible. So 1st you learn then you earn. Focus on this
 quotation and seek basics. These technologies are gift for us so please use them positively and always Thankful to “Almighty Allah” that give us a chance for establishing ourselves and fulfill our dreams. In last I always say every one who born in this world by birth he is a King but in reality if he want to live a King then he use his skills, potential, and smart work in right direction plus manage their time. Stay blessed live well also always remember me in your prayers.
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