The HTML Java Script Widget most useful tool

HTML Java script widget in blogger is commonly useful in many aspects. Since blogger is a foremost platform at internet. A number of people give preference it.  Its settings are very easy to understand. As a blogger we need to add & remove gadgets on daily basis. Such that up & down in this series of

html coding by tcm

template is continues. We insert these widgets for keeping readers up to date with daily new stuff and adjustment in blogger template appearance. Some works fit and some dose not work due to many reasons i.e. problem in codings not inserted properly etc. A gadget allows us to take effect and changes instantly as long as we hit save button and reload page. If it seems good then it will survive alternatively removal option is still in reserve.

Most useful widget:

To be personal I found that HTML Java script widg is one of those which is regularly use at blogger by people. Because it gives us just copy the code from anywhere you want it and paste. Title is optional. It is moveable and after saving it you may place it as your choice. Let me tell you if a wid that you want to display in sidebar i.e. floating social icon section & originally widget is at header section. Then after putting the code in it click on it by mouse left button hold on pressing and bring it at your destination place in template.

Where we use HTML Java script gadget:

While placing a code such as from adsense, Facebook Badge or Twitter Button. Even for every single piece of code we add HTML Java script. In previous post Iintroduce mashable version of social icons. While adding these buttons we need this special widget that is built in blogger. It is a simple and neat way to adding any type of code in template as compared to finding exact location in complex edit template section which is very hard for especially newly bloggers. Saving time is another profit from it.

How to find:

Go to blogger dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget > Choose HTML Java Script as mention in screen short.

HTML Java script widget

Just click on plus button add code in it and you are done.  Same is the procedure of its deletion. Just click on remove button it will be deleted. 

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