SEO quake tool with all in features

If you don’t know about SEO Quake tool then where were you? It is pretty good small application for web owners. Especially for those who increase their knowledge about search engine optimization. You will be able to learn all compulsory data such as PR in Google, status of site links, condition in Bing and Google indexed pages from a specific website with all in one parameters. This is most convenient and reliable tool to gaining information about your favourite sites in seconds. It is not just an extension also with this your works become more simple just on clicks. It explores all data related to websites in SERPs. So now analyze this tool in detailed.

How to use and install:

You may able to direct download SEO quake from their official page in order to its integration with Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers. Alternatively use this extension from chrome store for Google chrome browser . Just add it to chrome as an extension and enable it. After that refresh browser and it will start working.

seo quake tool bar for chrome

Settings and Characteristics:

After fully installation you could be able to see this toolbar icon on your chrome man bar.  You can easily able & disable it from here. For the sake of full guidance use of other plug ins and customization check official guide from here. The process of working this SEO tool is simple but very vast. Every time when you make a search in your browser then with results a bar shows consisting on valuable consequences. Such as Page rank, Twitter tweets, Facebook Likes, Google & bing indexed pages, dofollow links and source of a page etc. All the above mention data will be extracting with search engine results.

Other resources:

With SEO quake tool anyone can get all appropriate information with less fraction of time. It is useful because we get basic awareness about site reputation at one place regardless of manually search.
                                        If you wish to check all links i.e. dofollow links then SEO quake is ready. For this purpose click on LD icon at tool bar a new window will open with exploring full details of all links. Choose export preference from here and download a copy of CSV or EXCEL format. Save it and use. 

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