Idea for new blogger post from where to get

Writing a blogger post is not very tough work. Giving branded mind blowing knowledge to your readers is called creativity. New ideas and unique effort is now demand from users. Also require quality not quantity. If you write a post about one thousand to fifteen hundred words but if there is no excellence in post then it is better to write five hundred words but put extra ordinary facts in this. Engagement of user is also a tricky part of the whole story. So it is necessary give worth with interesting useful material. Where as when a visitor come first time he will not go without subscription. That is our purpose to convert local traffic into reliable and permanent subscriber. Now go in detail and analyse all those facts.

From already published posts:

Take a brief look on your already published posts. It will give you unlimited ideas for new posts. Let understand this reality with a live example. Consider I’m writing a blog post about optimization of images. Now here a lot of topics exist already. Don’t you know then I tell you. For optimizing we need some tools e.g. PNGoutWin tool. So here is my next topic how to use PNGoutWin. Similarly it has been observed while writing if any brain storming ideas clicks in your mind then write down it at separate place for next upcoming topic.

Try to provide fresh content:

Search engines crawlers love with fresh and unique material. Adding all of new content that generated in your mind put it on blogger editor and writes it. Try to avoid from scrapping, or stolen content from other authors. Professional blogger set authorship for their blog. Respect others copyrighted privileges. Be personal when you want to plain for write a new post thinks about it before writing. Writing with your own way opens new doors of acknowledged you will feel it.  Add your own touch in it.

get a new idea for writing a blog post

Getting brain storming ideas:

Simple writing and a bog post are two different things. In blogger post we keep focus on search engine optimized content. Where as on the other hand whole seen is change. Ideas are like waves that come in mind with their own way. You can get benefit from five minute thinking practice before writing a blogger post.
First of all draw a brief structure of entire post.
Highlight your starting theme.
Underline at least five headings. Heading gives idea about small patches of paragraphs. More heading user engagement will tremendously increase.
Stick with your title. Don’t go to and fro while writing.
Make a summary at the end.

Selection & Filtration:

After writing and before publishing read it with a critical eye. Filter irrelative material. And replace it with other useful content if you can. If you divide whole topic in ten headings while making a sketch in five minute practice then merge all into at least five notorious H3.

Target and Focus:

Write simple put some paying attention stuff for the sake of acquiring full concentration from targeted users. Use simple language rather then long, complicated words and sentences. Keep in mind reading attitude of your targeted traffic while writing. Elaborate your knowledge with right keywords selection. Hope all these tips will open anew way for all of you regarding writing a new blogger post.

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