Advance search feature in Google for copyright material

It is superior to get familiar with copyrights term as a blogger. Especially while using images in blogger posts this is good practice for giving full credit to its creator. Blindly use of copyrighted material may harm you at any stage. Some people give full permission to their products for reuse, modifying and reshaping while on the other hand a large number of communities reserved their copyrights laws. So it is necessary before adding images to know about its status. Creativecommon license which is free to get and mostly bloggers use it with simple installation. In previous post we learn about filter content on Flickr. But as the majority use Google images so now we find out how to know about copyrights with Google advance search tool.

Advance search feature:

Google is one of most favourite & high usage search engine in the world. As a normal Internet user we only perform searches commonly. Alternatively as a website owner it is necessary to know deeply. Advance search feature help us regarding this matter. Doesn’t matter whether your search is about images, books, videos etc.?  This tool will guide you plus give you complete customized results according to your choice.

How to use:

Go to advance search feature. At this page we find useful information regarding our search consisting on keywords simple or with quotes, region, language, format and usage rights etc. We are able to modify our query with changing all of these values. Transformation in values you will see variation in results. Consider if I select file format PDFs then results will be filtrate. This is a simple & time saving method of exact exploration.

Advance Filter for images:

Usually with normal images search we not able to find that which img file is free to use and which is controlled under his creator. With this filter you easily judge this fact. Go to advance image search and follow these instructions.

  • Enter desired words suppose I need a SEO related image so I type words or a phrase in first search bar. 
  • Skip the next step it is quoted search. If you are interested to find exact results then use it. 
  • Now use second narrow result feature.
  • From here choose size, colour, aspect ratio, type and region with format preference. 
  • After complete information press bottom advance button and you are done.
  • Browser will automatically find your customized file. 
  • Even filter images from any website by using site or domain feature will help you exploring more straight way just type site address and hit enter a new window will show your inserted site images in results.
usage of advance search tool

Usage rights characteristic:

Apply this feature carefully. By default this is set to not filter by license state. Use drop down menu for accessing other permissions like free use to share, commercially utilize with modification. Select                      “free to use, share or modify even commercially” option as indicated in screen short. By hitting below blue button results will show only those images which are unlock from copyrights. You can easily alter their behaviour according to circumstances.

advance copyrighted filter search in google

                         Similarly performing advance search for Videos and books in using Google will increase your knowledge & experience. And you will be able to explore new ways of finding anything at Internet with accurate results in less time. So enjoy this new information and share it with others.

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