Is img alt attribute with src are good for SEO in blogger

Image Alt (alternative) and Src (source) uses for pictures in web pages. It is an easy way for optimization of photos. By use these two practices we can enhance our ranking and visitors at our blog. A number of people ignore these tags then they miss a lot of traffic coming through images search. In a blogger post weinsert images to show relative information. But from SEO point of view it is necessary to provide extra knowledge about photos that could be best in SERPs. Spending little time on these practices giving you higher results in searching results! Alt attribute is support able in major search browsers.

For img alt tag:

Sometimes due to slow connection error in a page or any other reason image do not show and cracks. This time alternative text describes break photo for providing enough info to reader. This optimization of pictures make easier to understanding about whole seen. Consider here is the picture of a man who is typing with keyboard on a computer. It is OK that a user can easily understand the entire scene what’s happening in this image. But the problem is here computer is not advance like a man to understand. So you can do to tell the computer what is in this image using alt (alternative) tag. Use simple descriptive words in alt attribute like

alt=”A man is typing with keyboard”

instead of using or keyword stuffing like “typing typing with keyboard computer typing”.
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Good practice for img src:

Instead of using “abc00012.jpg” or “jhtdr968.png” and “tyrwe888777.gif” it is good to use simple words like

src=”typing on keyboard.gif”

a man is typing on keyboard

Vital role in SEO:

Search engine optimization not a stick of magic which you use and instantly your page will be shown at first pages in SERPs. We manually boost our web pages with all these techniques in order to gaining better results in searches. Let understand whole story with an example. Consider a man is searching for an image in Googleimages  with keywords “how to typing with keyboard” then more chances results shows your picture. In this way a searcher will jump to your website or on your blogger page with your image. Also we give an easy way to search engines where they identify our images using finest and descriptive words. By performing this make easy way to understanding images for computers and search engines like Google. Make a habit while using photos in a blogger post use these two little tricks. This is better way to optimization of pictures.


It is pretty good to use relative image in a blogger post. Avoid keyword stuffing in img alt tag. For advance options we can use comparative text in img src tag. By adopting these simple tactics you will be achieve to get better search results.

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