How add watermark on blogger images by Picasa 3 Google

picasa 3 google app
Technology enhances with latest updates developments. In every field of internet we see suitable changes are coming as time passes. On the other hand where all these facilities are for human benefit but crackers, hackers and spammers also growing using modern techniques. In this time whether you are web developer, a photo editor, or photographer you need to protect your property online. Save photos with watermark (WM)by picasa. As a blogger for sake of better understanding we require to upload photos or screenshorts. This activity helps readers while reading a blogger post plus it added a new taste to a specific post. Another positive point arises here that inserting of pictures prevent users from boring during studying.

What is watermark:

It is possible this term will be new for a number of internet users or newbies. Watermark is a way to add your own caption or copyright on the photo. Moreover it provides necessary information about author and image. Different options, fonts, size and colors you may choose while adding watermark using Google application picasa 3. This is best practice & recommended by professional photographers.

Google picasa 3 :

A free tool for editing images, with high quality production. Download here. I’m not going in depth for explaining it but some really awesome features we touch. Photo processing option with latest editing and direct sharing preferences are extremely good. After setting photos if you are satisfied then directly upload to picas web album. Tons of images we save here for any purpose.

How to add:

After installing this application start it and follow these steps for inserting WM.

Settings for adding watermark
  • 1. Go to Export option as indicated in screen short.
  • 2. Then Check mark add watermark setting.
  • 3. Write what do you want. 

In writing field it is suggested that point out something about image & author. Inserting about copyrights is pretty good selection.
Save picture and you are done.


Smaller is better. All these little exercises enhance experience of better surfing of internet. With increasing knowledge! WM is necessary. Online a large number of resources exist regarding this addition. But choice of Google picasa 3 is superb. As time passes if you are using this app then you may find other secrets.  

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