Check authority of creative common free license for images

use creative common images

We know that images and photos in a blogger post is way to engage readers. Proper insertion of images with alt attribute tells about that specific post to a visitor as well as for search engine. Professional bloggers & writers say it is a vital part to enhance your post search engine visibility. Avoid using unnecessary no meaning alt text for images this activity affects SEO. So here we need a little bit of advance search for finding images under CC license.

After installation guide of CC license now we make a detailed look on its usage. Before going into explanation first we will discuss some general issues regarding this topic.

Common mistakes:

Search for a photo in Google is an easy way to find relative material. Even this search display those pictures which are exactly fit and very close to written post. But this is not the qualified approach. When any one use that copy it is possible creator keeps all rights reserved of copyright for that snap. And he not allowed sharing, using or redistributing of his property for personal and commercial uses. Adopting this type of procedure & use images blindly may harm your blog/website.

Filter Creative Common license:

Prevention is better than cure. So here we show how to find share able, use able images where a creator gives rights to spread his work but fulfilling certain conditions. Just go to Flickr find your desired image using search bar. It will display a number of images that are perfect for your post. But we need creative common under use authority photos only.

use advance search and mark creative common all options on flickr

On top of very right corner you may see Advance search click on it. A new window will open scroll down in the bottom we see logo of creative common with check mark option. Check all these three fields & hit blue search button as indicated in the above screen short.  Now you are done.

How to add cc authorize license image:

Now again make a required search. This time results show only that snaps which are under creative common use license. Select right share button. A small dialogue box will open use embed or HTML preference. Choose specific size according to post body size. Now place the image anywhere in text by giving tribute to creator. Give it specific alt text regarding post. This is the right procedure to use legally images anywhere you want.

select share option on flickr


Respect copyright laws of every creator on Internet. It is a good habit. Today you give value the author and his work tomorrow you get these things. 

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