Alexa site info understands what statistics they show

learn about alexa site statistics

Alexa site information is a way to measure exact rating of a website. Here you can perform test about any webpage. In order to better understanding alexa show some keywords. It is necessary to know about these key points for gaining suitable knowledge. Improvement in alexa ranking is very important. It is recommended to check randomly matrices of your site. Variations in globally with country i.e. (7 to 4) figures data if they are increase then it is positive sign for a site. Alternatively if ranking is still or decreases day by day then it might be an alarming situation.

Popularity or traffic ranking of a site:

Just go to Alexa site info enter web address in search field and press the search button. There are two categories globally and country wide measurement. Global rank tells how a webpage is trendy around the world. These statistics are calculated on page views and daily visitors. On the other hand country wide data tells how a site is more known in a specific country. Consider if my webpage is more visited in Pakistan as compared to other countries then my country ranking show Popularity in Pak.
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Connection with visitors:

Next is the engagement of visitors. This feature is very useful because it ensures how users are involved on a site. Less bounce rate is good. Daily page views and time spend on webpage informs position of unique readers. And how much time a visitor spend on your website. Workings on high quality great content with easy navigation are responsible for more time spending by users.

Audience Demographics:

In this report alexa shows which viewers are more active on your site. Consisting on gender, education and other relative groups! Below is the demographic chart which indicates the position of region and country wise statistics shown in alexa.

Keywords and reputation:

This graph tells how a visitor comes on a site. If he comes with a query or keyword then we can see that keywords in this chart. At lasts brief description of page linking with URL shown by alexa with number of total links.

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