5 ways to add videos in blogger post learn how.

Many bloggers are now focusing on creating video blogs. These type of blog is easy to manage as compare to written content. It takes less time even twenty plus Vslides people share on daily basis at their sites as a new material. On the other hand in manually written blog post the whole scene is different. It is clear that learning capabilities of human works most effective as watching anything. Mean a student who learns about usage of how to take awesome screen short  of desktop in video tutorial format. He will gain more knowledge as compare to learning from a written format. Adding images in a post almost know every one. Just drag and drop and done. For Vds need some technicality. However today I will explain top level ways to adding Vds and sharing.

Add a video from Pc:

Navigate to HTML editor as a new post. Select video icon which is exist nest to adding an image icon as indicated into screen short. By pushing this new window will automatically open. Here we are able to add this stuff in two sub ways.
Manually navigate to pc and pick desired file.

Just use drag and drop choice.
Both are same. Wait till uploaded fully. If you want then explain for readers what is in this Vdo or write your own caption. When all is done check a preview then hit the publish button and you are done.

manually add videos in blogger post

From Youtube:

Blogger is fully attached with Youtube. While selecting next method of inserting videos from Youtube repeat above mentioned process until the new window open. Use 2nd method next to First one. A search box will appear making a search regarding to your file. Chose file and add it. Similarly if you have your own custom channel then you change the path from normal to “Select from Channel”. If everything seems good then publish.

Mobile uploads:

If you are using Android or iphone then uploading videos on bloggers is simple. Just download Google Plus mobile app . Install it to your Mobileand then proceed forward. This application gives you wide other ways to sharing your stuff. Like connecting people on G +. All new releases things from friends, family and other circles.

Use Webcam:

Blogger gives you standard features built in. If you want to check Vds as a demo or making your own videos then this option is all time best. Just use Upload via Webcam preference. A pop up window will appear conforming from you Allow or deny the webcam access. Check radio button of Allow with green tick mark. Hit the red record button. Make sure your volume settings are adjusted. Your video will be start from here. After completion you may check then add it into blogger post. Adjust appropriate settings. Push publish button & done.

Choose allow button for webcam video uploading preferencce

Embedding videos:

Top level videos sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other gives you embedding alternative. Before going in detail you must know a little bit about Embed. This is a method to merge anything in your content. Like Vds, photos from flick embedding.

How to start:

Visit relative site choose Embed option. Copy complete code from here! Now in blogger post editor change Compose version to HTML side of your writer from left upper corner. Paste code on that place where you want to show Vdo or embedded photo. Again change Editor Appearance from HTML to Compose. Make changes if required otherwise publish it.

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