5 ways to add videos in blogger post learn how.

Many bloggers are now focusing on creating video blogs. These type of blog is easy to manage as compare to written content. It takes less time even twenty plus Vslides people share on daily basis at their sites as a new material. On the other hand in manually written blog post the whole scene is different. It is clear that learning capabilities of human works most effective as watching anything. Mean a student who learns about usage of how to take awesome screen short  of desktop in video tutorial format. He will gain more knowledge as compare to learning from a written format. Adding images in a post almost know every one. Just drag and drop and done. For Vds need some technicality. However today I will explain top level ways to adding Vds and sharing.

Add a video from Pc:

Navigate to HTML editor as a new post. Select video icon which is exist nest to adding an image icon as indicated into screen short. By pushing this new window will automatically open. Here we are able to add this stuff in two sub ways.
Manually navigate to pc and pick desired file.

Just use drag and drop choice.
Both are same. Wait till uploaded fully. If you want then explain for readers what is in this Vdo or write your own caption. When all is done check a preview then hit the publish button and you are done.

manually add videos in blogger post

From Youtube:

Blogger is fully attached with Youtube. While selecting next method of inserting videos from Youtube repeat above mentioned process until the new window open. Use 2nd method next to First one. A search box will appear making a search regarding to your file. Chose file and add it. Similarly if you have your own custom channel then you change the path from normal to “Select from Channel”. If everything seems good then publish.

Mobile uploads:

If you are using Android or iphone then uploading videos on bloggers is simple. Just download Google Plus mobile app . Install it to your Mobileand then proceed forward. This application gives you wide other ways to sharing your stuff. Like connecting people on G +. All new releases things from friends, family and other circles.

Use Webcam:

Blogger gives you standard features built in. If you want to check Vds as a demo or making your own videos then this option is all time best. Just use Upload via Webcam preference. A pop up window will appear conforming from you Allow or deny the webcam access. Check radio button of Allow with green tick mark. Hit the red record button. Make sure your volume settings are adjusted. Your video will be start from here. After completion you may check then add it into blogger post. Adjust appropriate settings. Push publish button & done.

Choose allow button for webcam video uploading preferencce

Embedding videos:

Top level videos sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other gives you embedding alternative. Before going in detail you must know a little bit about Embed. This is a method to merge anything in your content. Like Vds, photos from flick embedding.

How to start:

Visit relative site choose Embed option. Copy complete code from here! Now in blogger post editor change Compose version to HTML side of your writer from left upper corner. Paste code on that place where you want to show Vdo or embedded photo. Again change Editor Appearance from HTML to Compose. Make changes if required otherwise publish it.


Blogger Widgets, Gadgets,

3 ways to add stumbleupon button in blogger

Stumbleupon is one of the major social book marking network. For smoothly growth in the world of internet now it is necessary to be social. More social people who have fans in thousand and millions they establish a standard on web. Professionals use all of these resources for sake of gaining huge traffic. Pay special attention on main social sharing networks as a result it returns backlinks, real and qualified traffic and much more on you earn. On the other hand these resources give quality visitors and readers for websites. At this time we need excellence with more communal for perfect reputation. Also traffic coming from these networks i.e. stumbleupon took a unique weight in search engine eyes. So why we lost all benefits in free.

1. Stumble upon sidebar button:

In order to making more facilitation for users in a particular blog/site add variety of  standard sharing buttonsincluding Facebook badges, Twitter follow us button , Google plus and stumble upon. Basically stumble upon is a way to recommend or oppose and sharing author’s written material with people. Consider if a user who has healthy reputation on SU he reads your content on your blog and share it via SU button. His activity gives you a flood of quality traffic more new subscribers and worth. Adding Stumbleupon button in blogger sidebar is very easy job. 

how to add stumbleupon buttons and badges in blogger

  • i. Just go to Stumble upon tools section and choose favorite badge from here. Such as right or left sided bubble counting style. It is upon you but select badge according to template of your blog. 
  • ii. Now from grab it section copy the entire code. 
  • iii. Finally go to blogger Dashboard.> Layout > add a gadget > HTML Java script.

Paste the code here and leave title blank or write anything suitable. Save the new added gadgetby pressing orange save button. Reload the blogger page and you will see a new version of stumble upon button is now in action. Bingo you are done. Now move for next two ways of adding stumbleupon.

2. Adding into header of blogger post:

Many time while reading articles on sites you may see social sharing buttons below the post title and just at begging the post content. Here we add stumbleupon button now. So select appropriate button and repeat above discussed process till then copy of coding. After copying whole code now follow instructions.

  • Go to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML.
  • Click anywhere in source page coding an indicator will appear now press ctrl+f  a small search box will show write this piece of code in this box


hit enter.

  • First occurrence ignore again press enter. At the second appearance yes this is our demand. 
  • Just above it paste already copied coding and save Template by pushing orange button. 

Write a new post and share it. Now you will see your button is now live at the start of blogger post content below the post title. You are done.
Most Common:

                          Customized twitter buttons in blog
                          Twitter button series 

3. How to add below each post:

A number of bloggers prefer to use sharing buttons below every post. So don’t need to worry about how to add stumbleupon button below posts. I am here to share with you inserting this badge below post.
Follow upper discussed process. And copy fitting coding. Again go till then first three reputations of


using above mention techniques. After fourth occurrence just below it paste the code save HTML and refresh the page. All is done.

Need help:

Above discussed tutorial is simple. However in order to don’t tackle yourself or not understand able due to complex coding of your blog then let me know in commenting section. We really willing to help all of you. 


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Get success at Odesk freelancing platform 3 Guru tips

Getting success at Odesk top ways
A number of freelancer platforms available at internet. But Odesk is favorite places for freelancers. Who have to love online at any IT field like web designing, development or writing qualified in writing posts and other relative unlimited subjects? Making a profile is one of easiest job but further steps and getting success are not straightforward as people think. It takes a lot of time, devotion plus regularity from your side. Adding the taste of hard working is not allowed. If you have well experienced in any virtual subject then it is ok. Here are some points for adopting these key features you will get standardized revenue.

Making a good profile:

Many professionals are agreed on this point “That first impression is last impression”. Philosophy behind a nice profile is very vast. Consider a freelancer at Odesk who has a good attractive profile with all of his previous projects attached. His bio is limited but explains all about his field. Nice professional profile photo. All these things are considering at these types of platforms and increase chances to get a job. On the other hand a man who has a simple profile with unprincipled photo. No specified area of his work defined his standard will decrease as compared to first freelancer. People who posted jobs they filter unqualified persons and find perfect entitle worker. So it is necessary to get success at Odesk or at any other freelancing platform make a healthy and proficient profile.

Verify your Profile:

It is very compulsory to verify a profile. After signing up email confirmation is regular. But here you need to verify your ID card or any other legal document. Identified profile is a key to getting more jobs. After uploading relative documents in limited time it will identify you. So while adding address it is recommended provide real address in order to prevent from any later nuisance. Alternatively if you unable to validate your identity you may go down.

Take Odesk tests:

Odesk tests are one vital key that gives you chances to increase your job quota. First learn then earn. Take again and again tests it is a way that complete your profile from 60% to 100%. During test focus on question strategy! Pass Odesk readiness test first then go for further your job related tests. You may find these all categories from here.



Revolver map widget for blog optimized version

Revolver map is a widget that measure traffic. While visiting blogger dashboard in  blog statistics menu you may note these terms like referring URLs, keywords etc. This feature tells us whole activity on our site in days, weeks and months. Healthy reports establish when these referring URLs show Google, Popular social networks and other top search engines results. It means that traffic coming to your blog is real and organic. However sometime we see URLs from irrelevance websites e.g. immoral sites. This is not considering as real traffic. But question arises here how to get rid from such links. So answer is ignorance of these Links. If you click upon them and go on these sites then this activity will increase. Alternatively use of revolver map widget on blogger there are some vital benefits that we get illustrated below.

Rotating map gadget

Exact Measurement:

Revolver map gadget gives us realistic data. About no of visits, country location etc! It shows only genuine traffic on a blogger. Total active visitors on a website or user entrance and leverage data. It does not show those type of inappropriate links which shows as referring links entry in the form of  also .

So as a result we can get only actual figures from Revolver widget.

How to add in a post:

In previously published post I discussed adding this widget in blogger. If you want to add revolver map in a specific post then for definite purpose then you can. For the sake of monitor the traffic of a distinct post. Just follow these steps.

Go to Revolvermap website and pick Java script code.
Now in blogger post editor go to from left compose button to HTML button and paste whole coding anywhere you want. Again change it to normal behavior. Check preview after completing a post with perfectly addition of RVM widget then hit publish. You are done. It will perfect in monitoring visitors of a certain post.

Enhancement for blog:

Except all other features revolver map widget is a way to enriching a siteappearance. Choose likely colors from customization section of revolver map which makes exact match with website theme. At one side where these widgets collect information alternatively it increases gorgeousness and optimization of a blog.

Choosing best format:

There are many version available for example in the format of graphical data, in charts, or sessional version. But it is recommended that select global format. Wisely chose dimensions with better color selection.


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Is img alt attribute with src are good for SEO in blogger

Image Alt (alternative) and Src (source) uses for pictures in web pages. It is an easy way for optimization of photos. By use these two practices we can enhance our ranking and visitors at our blog. A number of people ignore these tags then they miss a lot of traffic coming through images search. In a blogger post weinsert images to show relative information. But from SEO point of view it is necessary to provide extra knowledge about photos that could be best in SERPs. Spending little time on these practices giving you higher results in searching results! Alt attribute is support able in major search browsers.

For img alt tag:

Sometimes due to slow connection error in a page or any other reason image do not show and cracks. This time alternative text describes break photo for providing enough info to reader. This optimization of pictures make easier to understanding about whole seen. Consider here is the picture of a man who is typing with keyboard on a computer. It is OK that a user can easily understand the entire scene what’s happening in this image. But the problem is here computer is not advance like a man to understand. So you can do to tell the computer what is in this image using alt (alternative) tag. Use simple descriptive words in alt attribute like

alt=”A man is typing with keyboard”

instead of using or keyword stuffing like “typing typing with keyboard computer typing”.
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Good practice for img src:

Instead of using “abc00012.jpg” or “jhtdr968.png” and “tyrwe888777.gif” it is good to use simple words like

src=”typing on keyboard.gif”

a man is typing on keyboard

Vital role in SEO:

Search engine optimization not a stick of magic which you use and instantly your page will be shown at first pages in SERPs. We manually boost our web pages with all these techniques in order to gaining better results in searches. Let understand whole story with an example. Consider a man is searching for an image in Googleimages  with keywords “how to typing with keyboard” then more chances results shows your picture. In this way a searcher will jump to your website or on your blogger page with your image. Also we give an easy way to search engines where they identify our images using finest and descriptive words. By performing this make easy way to understanding images for computers and search engines like Google. Make a habit while using photos in a blogger post use these two little tricks. This is better way to optimization of pictures.


It is pretty good to use relative image in a blogger post. Avoid keyword stuffing in img alt tag. For advance options we can use comparative text in img src tag. By adopting these simple tactics you will be achieve to get better search results.


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Moving a blog changing admin email address how to do

Blogger is very broad platform with a lot of customization. It is necessary to need basic settings for better experience. At the time of creation of blog we need a Gmail for sign up its called admin email address. Your blog even every Google service is associated with same mail. Professional bloggers heir special SEO optimized content writer for their posts or sometimes we feel to move a blog between two people. Then we use this tool for customization. Making these changes a blog divide and these two members get access on one blog.

Why to change email address:

Sometimes we need to move a blog. Let’s suppose when adding other admin which could be a web developer, SEO expert or designer for the sake of making suitable changes and enhancement of a blog. Professional bloggers keeps a back up mail in case of lost one address so use second mailing address. Also at the time of giving access to another author or any other case! Then we need to change email address.

Find blogger admin:

First thing is locating blogger organizer. Then go to blogger dashboard > settings > Permissions > add an author.

adding author or admin in blogger
Here we see +add author link that means we can move our blog between two email address. Add mail address what you want. A confirmation message will be forwarded to other person. As long he will confirm he will add with your blogger account. Also you change your mail address from here.

Permissions and limitations of author & admin:

There is a difference between an author & organizer of a blogger account. Admin is the owner and he has fully control where as an author has limited authority. He has only access on blogger post writing, publish a pot etc. He is not able to see or approach other settings and features of blogger. Any time from any where you too be able to maintaining same blog. Although your blog will be divide between you to. But other element remains hidden from author.

How to change settings:

While changing email address a drop down menu will tell you that can you add this person as a admin or author. It is upon you to choose according to your need. We can also customize these settings after adding. Also we can remove or change these settings from our blog using right cross button.

Forget a password or lost a blog:

There are  two ways of retrieval of a blog in case of forgetting blog address or mailing address. Just Follow this link forgot user name or password. Here are two options. First is recovery through URL if you remember then revival your blog by using this method. Alternatively second choice is repossession via Gmail. Enter email address and recover.



Alexa site info understands what statistics they show

learn about alexa site statistics

Alexa site information is a way to measure exact rating of a website. Here you can perform test about any webpage. In order to better understanding alexa show some keywords. It is necessary to know about these key points for gaining suitable knowledge. Improvement in alexa ranking is very important. It is recommended to check randomly matrices of your site. Variations in globally with country i.e. (7 to 4) figures data if they are increase then it is positive sign for a site. Alternatively if ranking is still or decreases day by day then it might be an alarming situation.

Popularity or traffic ranking of a site:

Just go to Alexa site info enter web address in search field and press the search button. There are two categories globally and country wide measurement. Global rank tells how a webpage is trendy around the world. These statistics are calculated on page views and daily visitors. On the other hand country wide data tells how a site is more known in a specific country. Consider if my webpage is more visited in Pakistan as compared to other countries then my country ranking show Popularity in Pak.
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Connection with visitors:

Next is the engagement of visitors. This feature is very useful because it ensures how users are involved on a site. Less bounce rate is good. Daily page views and time spend on webpage informs position of unique readers. And how much time a visitor spend on your website. Workings on high quality great content with easy navigation are responsible for more time spending by users.

Audience Demographics:

In this report alexa shows which viewers are more active on your site. Consisting on gender, education and other relative groups! Below is the demographic chart which indicates the position of region and country wise statistics shown in alexa.

Keywords and reputation:

This graph tells how a visitor comes on a site. If he comes with a query or keyword then we can see that keywords in this chart. At lasts brief description of page linking with URL shown by alexa with number of total links.